Viennese girl looking for Brits/Americans!

Hi everyone!
I'm 27 yrs old and female. I am from Vienna and living in Vienna.
I love travelling to the UK and am looking for English natives to hang out with, speak and meet!  :-)
I enjoy going to the movies, going to pubs, doing outdoors sports (jogging, hiking).

If you are interested to let me know!

Hi Cutxpaste,

Welcome to :)


Interested in any Indian ;) ?


This might sound obvious, but go to any of the Irish pubs, you wll be sure to find some Brits there. If you want to chat, you can chat to me. I am British, I don't live in Vienna though.


hi............ i agree with you......

Hello there, I'm not native but I speak english fluently so if you wanna hang out let me know via message or here and we can have some fun ;) cheers

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