Arthroscopic knee surgery at FV hospital

Hi ,
I'm considering getting arthroscopic knee surgery to remove some damaged cartilage in my right knee .
I'm thinking about getting it done at the FV Hospital .
Has anyone here have a similar operation done at any hospitals in Saigon ? If so what was there experience like ?
Can anyone recommend me a good knee surgeon ?

Hey friend,

You can take a look and consult the doctor at this hospital : 929 Tran Hung Dao Street, 1st Ward, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. You should require a doctor who can speak English to consult your problem.


FV hospital is quite expensive for everything,but if you have insurance,you should have a surgery done there. I remember you will have to pay all of the fee in vietnam first,and then get  your  money back when you come back Aus.

I am having my ankle surgery done in the states. They have great doctors here, but I want the remedy of suing if they screw up.

I had both knees done at FV hospital at the same time, right knee is ok left knee is worse than before the operation. So about 50/50 chances of success.I have to go to the states to find out what's wrong and correct it. I have so much pain that I can hardly walk. I suggest you reconsider before you go to the hospital.

How much does an arthroscopic surgery cost in hcmc

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