ATTENTION LADIES!!! Where to find Baking supplies aside from Tavola

planning to start a home-based business so I need to buy lots of baking supplies. I've been to Tavola (both branches) but do any of you ladies know any stores that offer cheaper bakeware products???? any replies will be highly appreciated  :thanks:

Try hazzaz world ( الهزاز)

where can i find it dear?

Try this :ا … 75;ز


Try Qasar Al Awaani. It's a huge store that carries baking stuff too although not as much variety and quality like Tavola. There is one near Midas, exit 6 I guess.

thanks! i'll check it tomorrow :)

Ksana wrote:

Try hazzaz world ( الهزاز)

If only you'd know the literal translation of the name of that place in English :lol:

There is a shop called baking rendezvous or bakemate that also sells silicone molds for cupcakes etc and ingredients in bulk. Worth the trip to get to know what they have if it helps you. This shop is on Dababa St. beside Mama Noura.

Qasar Al Awaani has baking tins and cupcake liners and icing bags and nozzles and all sorts of cool stuff.

You may want to investigate buying boxes in bulk from somewhere like china? much cheaper than Tavola for this throw away item. Aramex is great for getting stuff delivered here in Saudi.

Whre to find americolor here in riyadh?

I have not been able to get americolor here only the wilton colors but I did get some on amazon and got them brought in through shop and ship last year.

Where is qassar alwani?

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