What can you learn from loneliness

Loneliness is the art of meeting the existential void . This void has a double meaning . One is the existence of a metaphysical quest for meaning; the other is the absence of loss of something important. Freedom is a lonely discovery and so many try to avoid it .

Loneliness is a feeling that generates anxiety and confronts us with a portal into an inner world where the key is the sense of the world , why the things we do and the questions for which no answers found . Loneliness can also be an experience of transcendence . In his book on the Bridge School , of Portugal , writer Rubem Alves mentions that Zen masters did not intend to teach something in the way we believe in Western education . What they wanted was to get his disciples to " unlearn " what they knew to be free of any philosophy. Maybe we need to unlearn and also allow Wake lucidity in solitude .

Everything in life is a process of learning level , ie from inside to outside. Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl , founder of logotherapy , or therapy for meaning , hope , developed this method of treatment in the basements of the Nazi holocaust in the midst of pain , suffering , loneliness and death . Loneliness , like disease , can be a mature way to a better life . We must have the courage to learn from it and not just dismiss it . Reject our loneliness is the same as rejecting our faults, our human miseries . It is as if we did not talk on sickness and disease ceased to exist . There are people who do everything they can to avoid talking about loneliness , about the disease , about human miseries . Basically, it is just an attempt to avoid contact with reality .

What is loneliness? The existential psychologist Jadir Lessa cites the following : " The German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) says in Being and Time that being alone is the original condition of every human being . That each of us is alone in the world . It is as if the birth was a kind of release of the person to their own devices . We can settle for that or not . But in distinguished from each other by how we deal with loneliness and the feeling of freedom and abandonment which it derives , depending on how we interpret the origin of our existence . Man becomes authentic when accepted loneliness as the price of his own freedom . And it becomes inauthentic when interpreting the loneliness of abandonment , as a kind of disregard for God or life about him . With this opens up his own existence , becoming a stranger to himself , putting himself at the service of others and diluting the impersonal . Remains in life is an adjuvant in its own history . "

The authentic self is the one who is responsible for your life , the main actor , the architect of his own masterpiece of your life .

The psychotherapist Gikovate Flavius ​​mentions that solitude is good , that being alone is not shameful . Rather, it gives dignity to the person . The good affective relationships are great , as are stand alone : nobody demands anything from anyone and both grow . Everyone should be alone from time to time , to establish an internal dialogue and find your personal strength . In solitude , the individual understands that harmony and peace of mind can only be found within himself.

Take a moment to close your eyes , open your heart and feel all the love that comes from within, in their natural and healthy silence. Take care of yourself .