Anyone moving?


I am asking if anyone going back to their country and selling stuffs like microwav e or oven?

and bean bags or small soft arm chair?

I am looking for cheap for I am not staying long here.... so, if there is give aways
prices... better.


We are about to leave Phnom Penh and have bought some equipment for our apartment six months ago.
Here is a list of what we have:
- 3 bamboo cabinets
- glasses
- plates
- mugs
- forks
- knives
- spoons
- pots
- frying pans
- basket for dirty clothes
- hangers
- clips
- bed sheets
- iron
- 2 helmets

If you are interested and wish to work out a price for you, please let me know. It does cost quite a lot here to buy everything new.

Best Regards.


[at] Vincent > Can you post this ad in the Moving sales in Cambodia section please?

Thank you,


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