Woman are not expected to change their name when they marry

Before the wedding, I was expecting i will use my husband family name after or it will be automatically updated in any paperwork from government, etc as normally in my country. Later found that actually all the woman married in my husband big family still carry their own name. WEIRD! For example my mother in law still use her own family name instead of my father in law family name even though they are happily being married for more than 30 years.

Without explanation from my husband, I found out that actually Belgium is on the whole an egalitarian society, so woman are not expected to change their name when they marry.

For me it is weird, but it is kinda cool also to keep your own family name. The other good thing is, the new born kids now can use the mother's family name on the Birth certificate.

Hey, I got married in UK and came back to Belgium. However I am not able to change my name to my husbands easily. If i want to do it I would have to stay in UK for a minimum of 6 weeks while i tried to get a passport with my new name and then renter the country and register all over again. We will be going to talk to the English embassy when we can to see if there is another way but that is in Paris. The fact I am unable to change my name and have heard stories were the cityhalls just don't legally aspect your changed name very heart braking. I want so much for all my family to have the same name and thus become one family unit. I think they should be a choice. They allow the frenchside to join there names. As it is something they like to do as well as also passing a law so that child can auto have both names so why cant this be a choice. Oh well if you decide to change your name and figure it out let me know.

Hi Hannah, i will not change my family name. The first reason is i am kinda happy still have the same name as before the marriage, second i am happy to follow the culture here, and third, it's too complicated anyway. For me, our marriage it self already made us one family, which is my husband is part of my big family, and i am part of my husband's big family. :)

Okies its nice for you that you feel that way. But yeah I guess its something that is very personal to me.

When I married many years ago, the law about taking the last name of your husband had recently changed in the Netherlands. From that time it was, and still is possible to choose from the following options:

* keep your own maiden name
* take your husband name
* your husband takes your name
* your name first and then his name
* his name first and then your name

The officer told me that you have THE RIGHT to USE his name but in official papers and the authorities will always use your name given by your birth. Using his name will not say that you own it. This is a huge different.

I choose to keep using my own name but I hated it when organizations wrote to me with my husbands name of worse with a double name. For me a reason to throw away the post.

Yeah seems to be similar in Belgium. I can use it on everything unofficial. But its still not the same for it I want it completely changed and well looks like I have no choice. I know people in Netherlands who have officially changed there name. This may of been some years ago but sadly dosnt seem to something you can choose for in Belgium

In the Netherlands it is possible to make some changes in your name, one letter or more.
For each letter you have to pay for it.
This is only possible when you have troubles with your name of your name is not decent

Is this what  you mean?
What kind of chances you are talking about?

No I am talking about in Belgium I am not allowed to change my name to my husbands now that we are married. I know this can be done (Or used to be able to) In Netherlands. But yes we are talking about not being able to do it in Belgium.

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