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Hi every one,

I want to ask if i can do job in Riyadh on visit visa. My husband is sponsoring me to Riyadh but permanent visa will take few months so i am going on visit visa. so i want to ask can i do job in Riyadh meanwhile.

Madiha Imtiaz.

Yes Madiha, even if you have an iqama, as per Labour Law, you are not allowed to work, however, its best that you find a job in some international school, they will hire you without your iqama!


You can do it if you want, but it is illegal, and if found, you will be deported and probably banned from the country for some years.  This is also true if you work when under your husband's sponsorship.  Once you come on a residence visa and have an iqama, you will have to transfer your iqama to the employer if you want to work.  Or, find a job while on visit, and see if they are willing to bring you on a work visa from your home country.  Not likely, but possible, especially if you are highly educated and/or have special skills.

As mentioned by others, its illegal to work with visit visa. not only you can manage the work or not. But also companies wont take you without proper work visa or transferable IQAMA. If the authorities catch you working illegally, they will deport you and also would fine the company you are working in. So its risky and hard for companies to give you job in present conditions. Good Luck

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