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Hi. Am a 62 yo male psychologist with 31 years experience in the field. Married to Japanese local currently living in Australia. Would love to move to Osaka (senriyama) to work and eventually retire. Cannot work as a psych in community as among other things I don't have language.  Would like to work with the international school system either on staff full time or part time ( a day a week per school for example).  Or could set up private practice and opt for fee for service.  Anyone have any leads that I can explore.  Have contacted some (most) of the international schools but no bites so far.  OR I could work in another sector say a multinational company (English speaking) to offer an employee assistance program (EAP) to staff. 

Any ideas anyone ?



Hi Cris,

Welcome to :)

In order to give more importance to your questions here, i have created a new thread with them on the Osaka forum. Maybe it will help you to receive more constructive responses from the members.

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