Looking for Shared Office Space

Hi everyone,

I'm based in Sydney and have established a company in Phnom Penh with 6-7 locals who work for me doing IT.

Our current office is about to be renovated and we need to find somewhere new to move to by June.

Sp, I am looking for some office space, preferably shared, with space for 6-7 desks.  I don't mind if it is multiple rooms.  Some small space for storage would be useful.

I think what I am looking for is around 40sqm?

I require 24/7 access for all my (VERY trustworthy) staff.  I visit sometimes so it would be great if there was a space for me as well.

There needs to be parking for at least 7 bikes for all my staff.

The most important thing is good internet, or us being able to put our own in.

My budget is depending on what is included, but I am looking for $400-$550

Ideally, two room of at least 4x6m would be great, or one big space... I am flexible.

Please contact me directly on skeeve[at]eintellegonetworks.asia if you have something you think might work for me.


Hi Skeeve,

Please feel free to post an advert in the Offices for rent or sale in Phnom Penh section with details of the spaces you are looking for as well as the kind length of your stay. Thank you! :)



Hi skeeve,

I have read your posted message, sound look interested because I am in major IT too.. I also plan to do an IT biz in the future but not yet luck because less of experience and budget. Currently I work for a private company and I want to learn from experience people like you as well.

Ok let taking about what you need as you mention in your posted . Currently my mom's home 1st floor is available 5mx20m only because ground and 2nd floor are already rent to foreigner. If you don't mind you can check my home space sometime.

My home address:51a,320 st sangkat bkk3 khan Cham Kar moun ,phnom Penh.

Additional: if you want an biz partner in the future I may interested and share some space for IT biz together.


You can contact me by


Hi there,

Thanks... but we've already found local offices... once we got looking we received quite a few good options.  Moving in a few weeks!

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