Looking for a job in Amman, expat woman from south america :)

Hello everybody,

Im from Chile, married to a saudi 2 years ago and we have one beautiful little boy. Sadly we have been far me and my husband waiting for the permission to live in saudi arabia, so he has been travelling once in a while, not easy. Lately i quit to my job in Chile and went to Jordan to meet my husband there for a month, was amazing. Now im back but has been hard to find a job here, so we have been thinking to move to Jordan. Im in the bussines field, and marketing, my last job was as Project Manager for a big international company. I have many questions....

Is it hard to find a position like that for an expat woman? Should i look for something prior to my arrival? Do you know companies or websites that can help? I hope you can help with this, so important for me to reunite my family soon.

Thanks a lot,


Si no hablas el idioma árabe estas limitada a trabajos con organizaciones no gubernamentales trabajando con la situación humanitaria. Te sugiero buscar en reliefweb.org.

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Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Coco. My name is Francisco Garrido, I'm a Chilean guy who will start a new job in Saudi. I saw your post on this page and I wondering if I could do some question about life in Saudi. I have married with 3 childrens and we move there all of us. its there a possibility to email you??

Thanks Coco. I hope all things with you and your family going well

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