MTN company and its SIM card

Good day everyone,I have come across a problem,next week I have to go afghan,I want to change my SIM card,but I don't know how many kinds of package do the MTN company have?What's more ,I want to how much does the SIM card and the detail information about the packages? I sent an email to the MTN company,but no one replied.could you help me?Thank you very much !

Hi kgl,

May this link might help you find out more information about the plan you are looking for? … n=contract



Check this site too:


thank you very much,I got some useful information but I still don't know  the SIM card price

The actual card price is very in expensive.  You will not pay more than 5 usd for it.  I do not have MTN, so not sure about the exact price.

thank you very much!how about  Roshan ?I search on the internet ,there is only 2 kind of package,is it true ?could you give me some information about it? Many thanks

thank you very much !

does anyone have an idea if there is a simcard limit per person? thanks

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