House Insurance (Cheap) for Rental Premises

Hi all.

I am in Brussels with family and need to take out an insurance on an unfurnished 4-bedroom house.

What is the minimum insurance to take ?
Will only Tenant Liability do ? Is Contents insurance mandatory ?
There are options of
* Theft and vandalism
* Third party liability
* Family and Home-legal Aid

So, without taking any options, will taking only the Tenant Liability suffice if I don't want to insure MY contents in
the unfurnished house ?

And who are the cheapest ones for INSURANCE ?

Waiting for replies,

Regards, Allwyn.

Try asking an insurance broker such as this one.

the more premium you pay, the more coverage you get.

I use ING.

Make an appointment with any branch and the relationship manager will be happy to explain you the benefits of various plans and what all are covered in each plan..

Mine is with axa and we added contents as it was about 40euros a year ontop of everything else

My bank KBC saying I wil have to pay 125 for tenant liability insurance every year.
Is that this much costly ? or I can try other agents. how much do you pay every year ?


For me this is normal price. You may walk into any bank branch (ING, BNP paribas, Dexia), or call other insurance companies for a quote.

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