Want to meet expats

Dear All,

I am few weeks in Kabul and works for the Kabul Airport as the Cargo Sales and Operations Manager. I am from Colombo and had being working in the UAE for 9 years in the same industry.

I would love to meet expats like you, probably sit down for a cup of copy.


Dear Milan,
That;s quite a name, Anthrax!  Welcome to Kabul.  We will need to have a nice cup of coffee together.  Did you bring some from Colombo?
I am away for a few weeks due to elections evacuation.  Lets meet after mid April.

Keep Safe!



Hi Denis,

It was nice to see you writing! Indeed I was a drummer for my hard rock band Anthrax and I carry that name everywhere. :)

No Colombo is famous for tea.. but coffee is very common too. For sure once you are back we could probably sit for a drink with some of our folks.

Hi Milan,

Welcome to Expat.com :D

In order to give more light to your post, i created a new topic with it on the Afghanistan forum.

Thank you and have a nice day,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi ,

I have read your message ..How did you apply from Kabul Airport? Im  Filipino  I wish to have an experience working in Airport..

Any kenyans in Afghanistan

hi my name is rosemarie delay,want to meet a new friend out there.if any one interested, you can find me thru fb using the name

Rosemarie dulay

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