Hello all expats

Hi everyone my name is Mick and Brenda and Indikah we are currently staying in Cambodia for a year maybe two we are working at a school 30km outside of PP we are an Australian family that loves to travel with our 3yr old daughter we are looking forward to meeting new friends and catching up with couples and people

welcome to cambodia, and hope you enjoy the land :)

Hi Mick and  Brenda
Welcome to Cambodia ; i am an Aussie from Albury  and have been here for 2 half years
Dont  flaunt what you have and  wear the happy face  and you will really enjoy your experience
I reside in Siem Reap  which is quiter  and less traffic
Be good  and enjoy

Michael Kean

Check out Kep and Kampot when you have the chance. Quieter and more family oriented. :proud Good move enjoy the people. Will send you a message when my wife and I are passing by for a bite to eat if you like.
ps if you dive we get you out on the water and know some local places around Kep or from the tourist areas north.

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