How can I find a job in Kuwait?


What's the best way to find a job in Kuwait?  I'm sure this depends strongly on the field but, is there any general websites or companies I should be aware of?

A little about me:
Female, U.S. citizen.

Strong resume in admin support, no specific field.  I've worked in advertising/marketing, publishing, education and some manufacturing.

I have a degree in journalism, and plan to attend law school when I return to the U.S.  A job at an international law firm would be a dream.

Thank you in advance for any guidance. 

Ms Rahelina

Hi Rahelina and welcome to :)

You could place an ad in Kuwait's Classified's or maybe Google around with the function you'd like to have + Kuwait and I'm sure you'll find some useful websites.

Please feel free to browse this forum for more useful information.

Good luck

Thanks All!

the best site to find good job in big companies is
I have hired to times from big companies throught this site .It depend on how you write your CV. Goos Luck

Dear MsRahelina,

I have been having the same problem here in Kuwait and though I think that is a very good website but I heard from lots including me that one hardly get a job from there...

Keep your eye on the newspapers ads and also try contacting the big companies like Alshaya, Alganim , etc or the universities. but mostly keep asking people this seems to be the only working way here :)
try the website of Ernst & Young here I know that they have been looking for someone for an Admin  vancancy



It seems that the best way to find a job is to know someone presently working in Kuwait.  General employment advice is very helpful but at this point, I'm searching for people here at home who have direct contacts in the Kuwait.  This is a long shot but, if anyone knows of specific jobs, please let me know.  Thank you again for the general advice.  I am now seeking help that is a little more focused.

On that note, does anyone know of any law firms (English only, Ana me-barif Arabee emni-eckteer) that are looking for admin help?  Please and thank you!


Hi Rahelina ,

I can help you if you can tell me exactly which field your are looking for and what kind of degree you are holding. My wife is an american citizen and we went through this before. You can try  Kuwait Jobs. If you want to contact me send a private massage and I will see how I can help.

hi there guys
i been here for few months
im also looking for a job!
im also american citizen,
i majored in international business and marketing


If anyone need an advice in this please send me pm.

I would like to give you some tips on how to market your skills to stand out from the crowd. I've learnt the secret of skills marketing & social networking and it worked many times for me:

1. Use LinkedIn ( and build a solid profile about you (Summary and skills, Previous jobs, Eduction, Certifications/Training, Awards, and Memberships)

LinkedIn is a secret weapon when it comes to:

- Building professional connections in all working fields
- Sales / Marketing will be accelerated when you find and meet prospective customers, so closing deals is faster.
- Searching for jobs
- Head hunters always use LinkedIn to find talents who have solid profiles and experience

2. is the best employment web site in the middle east.

3. Use (Kuwait Yellow Pages) and start faxing/e-mailing companies related to your field. (It worked for me)

4. Invest in printing professional looking business cards.

5. Use LinkedIn to search for companies/people in your field and set the location to "Kuwait" and the industry to the one you work in like "Marketing", and send messages/InMails asking if they are hiring, and be ready to send your CV if they agreed. (It worked many times)

I would be happy to help anyone to setup his own LinkedIn profile or how to market his skills ... for free !

I just like to help others out :)

Thanks EdQarta!  That's great advice.  I'll start working on my Linkedin profile tonight.

Hi Rahelina,

I'm glad that you working on that, here is a group of useful links to boost your LinkedIn skills:


AmericanArabGirl :

hi there guys
i been here for few months
im also looking for a job!
im also american citizen,
i majored in international business and marketing

vist the above mentioned site its a great company iam working in it


hi all this is phanikumar looking for job in IT sector like software test engineer with 3+ years of experience can anybody suggest the best way to find a job in kuwait
thanks in advance

Hello Phani,

You will find some recommendations in this thread itself. Have you read from the beginning?

Pls find a suitable job for me

Hello mudith and welcome to! :)

To note that this thread is dated 2011 and is quite old. I suggest you to start a new one on the Kuwait forum. You should introduce yourself and give more details of what you are looking for.

Thank you,


Searching for a job in IT, Contracts Management or General Administration. Has experience in most business verticals gained by developing and implementing application systems.

Hi one more time it's me PAWAN KUMAR i am from INDIA but right now am not present overe there in to my country ,right now i am at AFGHANISTAN working overe here for one american company FLUOR company ,who we suport USA ARMY with our servicess,my profesion is here like havy truck driver ,forklift operator,and excavator operator ,where am all the time busy working with this equipment's.
My wish is to come overe there at KUWAIT finde the job overe there and serve the same thing as i am doing here ...belive me i am going to prove how good i am on the mentiont above.....

am look for job in kuwait.what ever job it may be am ready to do this.

I need a job in wuwait

Am looking for part time job pls...thnk's need ur help!!..

Hi to all Job seekers,

Please post your advert in the Jobs in Kuwait section. This might be helpful.



I want job in abroad just like kuwait,america,southafrica.please help me.

Hi pkirdat,

Welcome to Expat-Blog :)

Maybe an introduction with a few words and let us know how can we help you please ?

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

For all of those who are seeking work.
Please give a lot more detail about yourself, your area of expertise, your qualifications and where you would like to work.

That way members may be able to assist you.

I am job seeker. I am looking for  administration job.

Thank you

Hello Lincy benny and welcome to :)

I would invite you to post your resume/CV in the Administrative job offers in Kuwait section.


Karen. Team.

hi mark,taft here from msia.seeking an advise.i need to find job in degree and xperience in admin,n marketing wit 7 yrs experiences

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there is a topic called "how to get a job in Kuwait" on the forum, I suggest you read it.

Can you help please l have some questions about job in Kuwait?



Dear sir my name is kenneth tukamuhabwa in uganda i have always wanted and liked joining kuwait. I have been working as a security specialist  in iraq and i know once helped i will not let you down. You can mail me on agaba.kenny[at] Thank you and may God bless you.

I am Hari. R  an MBA fresher and  I also compet Computer Application so can I you help me to find out a job in Kuwait

Hi , I am female of final year bcom student .I need a job in Kuwait .is there any job for bcom student .how to I find a job .

my name is YAHAYA KABIR  I Graduated from the university of ibadan Nigeria

course :guidance and counselling
Facuty of education

i will like to work as a teacher


Hi sir, 

I am Kavitha PK an Indian,  looking for a job in kuwait but its very difficult to me.. I have 4 yrs of experience as Technical support executive in IT field. Am B.  Com graduate in computer application.  I was providing support for Macafee antivirus using remote access.  But here i want to stay with my family.  My husband has no family status.  So that i have to find a job to live together.  Am also leaned CCNA.. If anyone .. Pls help me. God bless u.


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