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We are looking for a lot in Hopkins close to the ocean. It can be vacant or have an existing structure on it. We are going to be snow birds within the next 3 years or less. If anyone has any information we would love to hear from you. Thanks


I just thought I'd mention Sanctuary Belize - it's being developed as we speak. My husband and I are going down for a weekend in May to look things over. Frankly, I think it may be a little too rich for our blood, but we're gonna see what's going on. It is a gated community with all the bells and whistles...not sure if this is what you had in mind. They're easy to find online...just type in Sanctuary Belize and it'll show up.
Good luck, kate

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We used to live in a gated community in Naples, Florida.  We have also explored Sanctuary Belize.  Typical of gated communities, there are too many useless and restrictive covenents which attract "condo commandos."  Fine if you want that sort of thing, but you give up a lot of your freedom!

Im not sure i understand your post as there are no condos (at least not yet) in sb.

Doesn't really matter.  SFH in a gated community generally have restrictive covenents as well.  In our case, we had no say in how the lawn service treated the $15k in landscaping around our SFH.  They made our mulched islands way bigger than the were originally so there would be less grass ti cut.  We all had to use the same kind of plants and they would use an all-purpose fertilizer rather than the right type for the particular plant.  Ended up looking like Levitown instead of individual homes.  Just one example of the freedoms you surrender!

Contact Reva at Stann Creek Reality

Contact all the local real estate guys, they will find you many options. Your job is to chose what is convenient for you. I may also suggest Mirko, he's not a real estate agent, he manages properties in Hopkins and Placencia, but he knows what's for sale before it's on the market. (Moderated: Please avoid leaving contact details on the forum)

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Did you find your Lot in Hopkins?


You better check the history of Sanctuary Belize.  People have been re-selling their lots for over 2 years and no bites.  It looks pretty but good luck

The Reserve (Sanctuary Bay's new name) Home Owners' web site is worth looking at.

Are you still looking for a home near the beach?
If so, check 55 Sittee River in Hopkins. Phase 1
Just went on the market.
2br, 2 bathroom, new stainless appliances,  custom hardwood cabinetry , a/c units
Also has wonderful view of the Cockscombs Mtns and the sea. Villa is across the street from the ocean.
The beaches are public access and the palapa docks are open to all until sunset. 
Go to CPC real estate for interior/exterior photos.
The owners only use it themselves, so it is pristine.

how much is an average electric bill?

How much electricity are you likely to use,?  How big a home? with AC or not? the costs work out at about 30 Bze cents per unit.   You will not need electricity to heat your home. My Belize bills are very low as we have BEL as the back up to our Solar.


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