Questions about visa

Hey new to this. I have booked a one way ticket to Cambodia in April. I'm looking to get a chef job so I can learn khamer cuisine. Any help with getting the right visa a job any info would be a huge help. Regards Chris

Hello Chris, my name is Linda...just wondering if you've already come to Cambodia, or still plan on coming?  If you haven't arrived yet, or even if you have, I can definitely help you out.  I'm a Khmer native that moved to America twenty eight years ago, and have since moved back home here.  I am fluent in both Khmer and English.  I've been here for nearly two years and have learned a lot about how things work over here.
Feel free to contact me at scott.brett40[at] if you have any questions; I can help you out and save you a lot of grief!!

Hope to hear from you,

Hi Chris,

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