Let's go shopping in Brussels


for those that are interested, I will soon offer to do a little shopping in town! ;-)
I started the discussion in the French part of the site. So, check this part of the site if you can!
( expat-blog.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=311071 )

The idea is to offer the Saturday afternoon to walk around the different places in Brussels where you can shop.
So I propose on several weekends (Saturday) to go shopping:
- Dansaert , Rue Neuve, City 2, Avenue Louise, Brussels's shopping centres and malls (1 shopping / weekend) etc..
If this idea seems interesting, you can post a message here or send me a private message so I'll contact you to arrange appointments.

Note: I'll be in London next week, I hope to organize the first 'visit' when I come back (Saturday 5/4) or more definitely the 12/4.

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