ETOS agency Libya any experience?

Anyone worked for the ETOS job agency I have a offer from them in the oil fields, do they pay on time ,ive read a couple of less than great reviews...any info, experience appreciated...? all the best :top:

I don't have any personal experience.
I just wanted to direct you to the comments under the topic/thread "the other side of the Libyan postcard". A gentleman by the ID stavangerfisherman made many comments about his experience with them. Perhaps these are the negative comments you were referring to that you have already read.
If you click his name you can see many comments that are older and otherwise hard to find. These give even more details about his experience.
Best wishes.

Dua dua, thanks yes I saw that one I was hoping there would be a bit more info about them as its hard to judge on one posting....

That is true.
Unfortunately, I have found that few people respond to posts, even when the questions are about everyday life/customs.
Best wishes

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