Best Bank in Sihanoukville

I recently changed banks, as my previous bank's ATM was constantly messing up, recording a withdrawal from my bank in the USA,  but failing to remit any cash. Though the bank reversed the transaction, many times it took 6 or 7 days to get my money back, causing me lots of grief.
I changed to ABA bank, and found their ATM is much newer, using touch screen technology, and seems to be much faster as well. I got a "budget" saving account, with a VISA ATM card, that I can use in many places in Cambodia, as well as around the world. This is great, but the best part is this:
I can now pay my EZCOM bill on-line, instead of tgoing down to the office. Even better, I can also pay my Electric Bill, in RIELS, instead of making the long drive to the Electric Company's office, I can also add minutes to my Phone (SMART) and my wife's phone (BEE) and her sisters phone (CELLCAARD). Conveniences that I missed from much more advanced banks in the states. They do charge fees for using the ATM card, but nothing for going inside the bank to make withdrawals.

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