Job market in Paris???

Hi all

Just wondering what the job market is like in France/Paris for English-only speaking Aussie if I get a working visa?

Just curious to see if
1 - I need French, or English is acceptable
2 - If there is any jobs to be had?

My experience is admin but I am happy to take what I can get!


Hi Connie and welcome to!

I invite you to have a look at the guide : Visas in France and Work in France
Hope this helps.

Thank you

Thank you, are you able offer any insight?

Hi Connie,

I think you'll find that for most jobs here you need a high level of French. However if you are interested in teaching English as a foreign language or being a nanny, then you shouldn't have trouble finding something. Even if you have no prior experience teaching.

Good luck!

Thanks Carrie
How would I go about doing that?
I think I may take French lessons there.

I am currently an orthopedic nurse and will be moving to Paris next month.  I would love to find a job, even if it is just something part time.  I have done some research and read that I would not be able to work as a nurse without going back to school in France.  I have experience in clinics, hospitals, and surgery.  I am not yet fluent but I am taking french classes.  I would consider volunteer work in a hospital or teaching English even.  I also have a lot of wine and hospitality experience.  Please advise me on any networks or leads anyone might have?

hi connie and ekatee,

if you want to teach english, there are a few schools that will hire you because you are a native speaker and u dun really need special certification. you can either opt to teach freelance or get a job with one school. if you choose to do freelance, you need to be registered as a auto_entrepreneur for tax and social security purposes.

otherwise if u'd like to do admin work, u will need some basic french at least. may i know what industry are u in? im in the legal line and some big law firms will hire english native receptionist to work graveyard shift for their american clients. hope this helps.

good luck! ;)

Hi,I am live in Paris. I really very interested to learning English. If u plz teach me private than I m thankfull to u?

Thanks for the reply Chrissy, I have worked in government - policy and projects, construction, maintenance, mining and community services.

I am looking for dreving job in paris

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