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Hi there, My name is Yasmin and I am an Australian High-School Teacher who is qualified to teach Chemistry, Biology, Junior Science, Mathematics, Religion and English. I have over 5 years of teaching experience 2 of which are international. I have also tutored many students ranging from grade 3 to university, including grade 12's. I have many resources and am also qualified to write my own curriculum of which I do in order to combine the skills and learning experiences of the world famous curriculum's including the Cambridge, Australian and Singaporean Curriculum. I teach in a very positive and student-centered manner, allowing my students to become independent, motivated and confident learners. My CV can be Emailed if needed. my email address is yasmin_hollis44[at]hotmail.com

Hi Yasmin,

For your job search, please post this ad in the jobs in Bali section.

Thank you.

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