How to get police clearance in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

"I've been here in Cambodia for almost 5 yrs and half and I just want to share my experience how I process some papers:"

How to get police clearance in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (for foreigner)

First step
Buy application form at Ministry of Justice
*cost 1 $ and ask to Ms. Kimluch for the sample format for foreigner
*this form is in Khmer text you may ask the staff at Sangkat to write down your information in Khmer text.
Prepare the following requirements:
2 copy of 2x2 ID photo
photocopy of your visa (first entry in Cambodia)
photocopy of current visa
photocopy of passport (with name, photo and other info)
house/apartment contract photocopy
fee 15$ (it varies, depends on which commune you belong)

Bring all those requirements, the sample format to be followed by the Commune staff, and the application form to Commune place where you belong (they called it Sangkat in Khmer)
**you are going to wait the Commune certificate of residence with your right thumb mark and with sealed for an hour/s or depends on the availability of the signatory or sometime you need to come back.
**Make sure that they followed the format form for foreigner from MOJ

Second step
Bring your commune certificate of residence to Ms. Kimluch at Ministry of Justice. (near Royal Palace, beside Buddhist School) together with your photocopy of passport, current visa, and your visa of first entry in Cambodia)
Prepare for the fee, must be in Riel currency
60 US dollar for 20 working days
120 US dollar for 12 working days
Ask Ms. Kimluch that you need an English translation too, but you need pay for additional 15 US dollar. They will give you the receipt with date when to release, it also serves as your claim stub too.

Third step
Authentication at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (at the back of Naga World Hotel, turn right before Naga World)
Bring your Police Criminal Record Certification (English text) to MOFA, at administration office.
You will pay 15 US dollar and you will wait for two hours to get it.
**if necessary, you may bring your authenticated PCRC from MOFA to your Emabassy for certification.

Thats all folks, I hope it helps.

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Great information,  thanks for sharing.

It's very useful idea.For my experiences just need First arrival Visa in cambodia, the last visa extension and a copy of passport. will processing in 16 days.


THis is a big help and useful idea.

HI i need to apply for a PCRC and based on ur post  on Mach 15 2014, it looks like so easy but one of the requirement is the 1st entry in Cambodia and i cant find it due i lost my 1st passport. I been in Cambodia since April 2005.The fee is considerable high but more better than those local people whom i am ask a help for this wherein the price they ask for is  4-5times higher that the cost u list out.But help to advise how i am going to do for my 1st entry visa as i cud not find my 1st passport.


Hi Genh,
For foreigner wanting to become citizen of Cambodia, which country police clearance does the MOFA needs?


Excuse my ignorant question, but what is the police clearance needed for?

If u want to apply for Cambodia citizenship

Thank you very much. I didn't know you could.

No worries. This is only one of the requirements. U need to invest $$ too. Ask a lawyer if u really interested.

But what are you getting out of doing that (I heard the amount is rather substantial)?

Hi! I am based in Siem Reap and I want to get a Police Clearance. Do I have to go to PP to buy the form or I can buy it in Siem Reap? If in Siem Reap, where? And I have to bring it to MOJ in PP right?

Please help! Thanks..

To: Pixiedust

Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
Former Name: Embassy of the Philippines
No. 15, St. 422, 12301 Phnom Penh
Tel 023 222 303
Tel 023 222 304
Fax 023 215 143
Mobile Phone 077 777 900

Hello guys,

I need a police certificate from Cambodia too. Is there a way to get that without actually travelling to Cambodia?



Thanks for sharing your experience.

Now I moved to china in this case how to get police clearance in Phnompenh. Is any suggestion? And also i cant visit phnompenh and need to apply through my friend who staying there. is any possibility for the same. Pls help and advise.

thanks for your useful information, but I have a question that my friends who staying Cambodia told me that there's no police they couldnt help me to apply it
can I ask for your help to send me your pic?just remove your privacy information and show their police clearence pic...
really need your help and advice, thanks!


Police clearance FOR WHAT ??

Iankyddmiller :

Police clearance FOR WHAT ??

Many jobs around the world require criminal background checks/police clearances from prospective employees as part of their vetting process. They are also required by some countries as part of their visa application process.

That you have no criminal record in Cambodia - is the short answer.

Hi Genh,
I am in Cambodia now to get the PCC. I handed the 140usd directly to Ms. Kim Luch..I don't have the receipt yet..I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. I'll appreciate your reply.

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Sarvesh team

How to get a police clearance from Cambodia without traveling back there? Badly needed your suggestion.

Thank you

Hello Babe2016.

I don't understand your question, as there is a very clear answer in the post of Genh at the top of this thread.

If you need police clearance from your home country go to your embassy and ask if it is possible to get that without going back to your country.

If you need a Cambodian police clearance go to the Ministry of Justice and ask how to get it.

Good luck.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

did you get the pcc?i might also need to fly to PP and get it done


As i Remember my friends case they could get  Police clearance or certificate of criminalité record from ministry of justice without travelling back to cambodia by provinding the documents as listes on the top and have some one as représentative for going to apply and pick up documents for their half.

i worked in the factory in sihanoukville and cannot offer the residence certificate,as i believe. my local friends told me it's not possible to get it.
is there any way of solution?

but i worked in the sihanoukville factory and cannot offer the residence certificate

is there any agent who can help

Well that's great, but what the hell did you just say.

Did your friend have all the documents? I no longer have entry visa or residency certificate?

Any helps is greatly appreciated.

Hi I'm a NZ citizen married to a Nigerian national. We are currently living in Sydney Australia. He got a police clearance certificate back in 2013 however with his new visa application he needs to provide an new one as his old one is only valid for 2 yrs. I don't recall having to pay for any forms however the process was quite a hassle. Is there anyone who is currently based in Cambodia on this forum who could assist us with getting a new one? Does anyone know if we have to go through the whole process again from scratch as we still have the original police check with all his details already as it just needs to be updated. We are willing to pay for assistance as it would be much cheaper than uprooting our 2 kids and ourselves and going back to Cambodia just for the police check.  We are getting quite desperate as we don't know anyone who we can ask for help.

Please private message me if anyone is willing to assist or knows of anyone who can help us urgently. Much appreciated (Elaine)

Hello Elaine.

I think it would be good if you give some more information.

Like you both stay in OZ, how long already? Does your partner need a visa for OZ?
How long did he live in Cambodia and why did he need a police clearance?

I get the impression that he needs a new visa for OZ and in that case isn't it so that he needs police clearance from OZ police? Just asking.

If he left Cambodia after obtaining the latest police clearance I don't think Cambodia police can do a lot for him.

So please give some more information, that would greatly help in finding answers.


Cambodia expert team

Ive been reading most (recommended) about by Ms. kim luch from ministry of justice just look for her there she can help to obtain a PC even without your presence. i know its risky but does anyone know about her, is she real and legit? Is he can be trusted? Does anyone know where i can contact her? As i live outside the country.and hard for me to visit again in cambodia.
Your help much really appreciated


Don't do risky things.

Just go to the website of the Ministry of Justice and read the requirements to have someone else get your police clearance.

It has been done before, so not really the end of the world.

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

Hi Joe!

Thanks for the reply. yes i have read all the information and can even authorise a person to obtain the PC. I just read most of Name Ms. Kim Luch that she helps alot of foreigner regarding about PC. I just wanna see some who had experience with her.

Thank you

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