Moroccans living in brisbane

Hi I'm currently in morocco helping out at a english/french language school in casablanca. I return home to brisbane in April. I would like to connect with moroccans living in brisbane. I'm a mature aged lady, happy to help with some english in return for arabic/ french? Or just happy to make contact. Cheers.
PS home is brisbane (original home perth)

Hi aussielady,

Welcome to and thank you for your little introduction. :)

I created a new thread with your post on the Brisbane forum to bring more light to your subject. You may also have a look to the Brisbane social network page as well, there is a small list of moroccan people living in Brisbane.

Thank you and have a nice day,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi dear  :top:

Hi Aussielady,

It's kind of you to help by conversation exchange. I used to do it many years ago (Arabic/French in exchange with English).

How is life in Brisbane? and how was your trip in Morocco?

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Aussielady,
My name is Loubna, my both parents are moroccan and I was born in France. We are origanally from Errachidia and Rabat.
You travelled that far to help a casawi school, thats impressive.
I live in brisbane since July and I would be pleased to help you.

Warm regards.

Hi Loubna,

Just to update you about this topic : it was since March 2014. Four years exactly in two days. Not sure if aussielady still connected to the forum.

Since you are moroccan in Brisbane  and since this topic was meant to talk about life of Moroccans in Brisbane, would you be kind to give us an overview about life in this city and about the moroccan community there?

Thank you Loubna.



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