Brazil remmitance..

Hi,  i had a long time Brazilian friend who wants to send money to my mother.. But she's having a hard time doing it.. Any help from you guys?

Is your friend trying to send funds out of Brazil or into Brazil? This information is absolutely necessary.

Hi sir..  She's trying to send funds out of Brazil to the Philippines but not that too big amount she said that 2500 reals..  She's residing in the northern part in ceara.. Thank you sir

She told me that she already tried bank transfers but it's not possible because banks needs a requirement from the sender.. I mean they are asking for marital papers.. But we are not related.. We are just friends

It would be a great pleasure guys for someone who knows how or what is the easiest way to send from Brazil..  Thanks guys God bless

Do you have an idea sir?

If Western Union operates in the Philippines she should try to find a branch of Western Union in Ceará, they are usually located in the main branch of Bradesco Bank.

Hi sir, yes but she said that you have to have a bradesco account or banco do brasil account to use westernunion..  She ain't had those bank accounts..

Well I don't know if they have different rules for Brazilian citizens than they do for foreigners, but I've used Western Union and I don't have ANY bank accounts in Brazil so I'm not a Bradesco client. I really don't think that's required.

Ok sir..  She said the beurocracy is suffocating..  My mother was sick she had a kidney failure.. That's why my friend wants to send her money for her medicines..  Thanks sir