Housing of King Faisal Specialist Hospital

Hi everyone,

Does anyone here know about the quality and standard of housing provided by King Faisal Specialist Hospital to their doctors ( Assistant Consultants) ?

What would be the size of the apartment provided for a family with 3 children (2 bedrooms or 3 ?).

All help will be appreciated.  Thanks


Have you and your family moved yet? My husband has just gotten an offer from King Faisal Hospital as well. We're in the same situation with 3 kids. How do you like it? Hopefully inshAllah look forward to hearing back from you.


Yea Salic, I have moved Alhamdulillah.  It is pretty good here and they give a large 3 bedroom apartment if you have 3 kids.

it also depends where u are moving from, what ur nationality is and where did u get ur degree from. If ur answer to any of the above is the US, UK or any other Western country, then u stand a great chance of earning a lot of money. Even if u have moved from Pakistan or India, the package here is substantially better than what we can earn at home.

Please do let me know if I can be of any more help. All the best.

Thanks for responding so quick. Yes my family would be moving from the US. Are you in Riyad or in Jeddah? We are planning to move to Jeddah. How is the schooling there? Are the compounds and housing nice? We actually have some relatives that are moving next month to join King Faisal Hospital in Riyad. If you dont mind, is there a way my husband can get in contact with you in case he has any questions regarding the hospital?

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