Libya work permit

Can anyone help me, I got the job in Libya NOC Company, I am suffering inactive Hepatitis B since my birth, physically I have no problem and at present I am working Saudi Arabia, can I able to get the work permit (Iqama) after reaching Libya.

  I look for some of your HONEST AND GOOD advice before finally accepting this job


I don't think so, however better you check with Libyan embassy in KSA or your employer in Libya with your medical report.
God bless you.

I truly don't know and I don't live in Libya, but according to the other recent posts, the answer is no.
Please read the other posts on this topic if you need a quick answer.
From what I have read, it seems that you will lose your job once they results of your tests come back positive for HiV or Hepatitus.
I hope that helps.

I was hired last october 2013 by Bonatti-Libya company, but until now my work permit is still in the process? . please help me any info how long will it take or maybe there's a problem with the company

To mags 123
Not sure if you're waiting for your visa to come to libya or for your iqama.  Either it is very long, all paperwork take forever but make sure you follow it up regularly. Call them and do show up at the office and force them to find out where is your file and how many steps are still required. Make sure you take names and phone numbers and go see the people ask them to see your file it will force them to locate it and if you're lucky they'll work on it. Im afraid this is the only way to make things move. Good luck


Are you in Saudi Arabia. There hepatitis B not checked. Please confirm. it will be useful for my friend who is also having inactive hepatitis B

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