learning Turkish

Hi guys
I'm new here in Istanbul I need to practice on my Turkish more and more so i need any help available here.!!
Thank you all

Hi RA93,

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If you want to improve your turkish, it might be a good idea to join language classes in Istanbul.

Why are you in Istanbul? For work or to study?

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Hello Guys, even i am new in Istanbul and i want to have friends, who could speak English Russian Indian Persian also love to learn Turkish ,by the way Hasna where are you from?

Hi poya92 - please note that Hasna is part of the Expat-Blog Team .. Thank you

Dilmer and Tömer are the major schools if you have money - about 1,000 TL per monthly course.
Otherwise search for 'language exchange' where you can practice for free with others. There are tonnes of free language sites. Simply Google them.
Good luck.

i can help you we can meet a day maybe weekend

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