[EXPAT BLOG] Get together in Salzburg - Sat. June 26

I have been advised by someone much wiser than me that planning a full day is too ambitious.  I will cut the below plan in half and make it just an afternoon (2+ hours):

* Outdoor lunch on the Salzach
* Walk up Münchsberg to the Fortress/Castle
* Cool drink while enjoying the Fortress view (I will bring a bottle of Prosecco but there is also a place to get drinks there)
* Stroll the castle ground


Hello Expats!

I'm new to Salzburg (about 5 months) and want to take in some sights.  It seems like it would be more fun if I could get some people together to do this.  So, I'm going to plan a day of exploration and invite you all to join.

The day I'm considering is:
* Mid-morning coffee and meet-up
* Walk to see Mozart's house (the cool one, not the birth-house)
* Outdoor lunch on the Salzach
* Walk up Münchsberg to the Fortress
* Glass of wine/beer while enjoying the Fortress view
* Stroll the castle ground
* [OPTIONAL] Pay a couple bucks to see the museums in the fortress

Let me know if you're interested and/or have suggestions about additions or subtractions from that plan.

Best Regards,

Hi Dave,
This is a very good idea!
I will stick that one on top of the forum for you!
I hope it will be a success

I am Larry Berle and my wife Annie and I will be in Salzburg for 2 months-- we arrive today June 21   We are looking to meet people  and we are interested in the meetup on June 26
can I get more information please

Hi Larry,

Not much response so far on this one but I'll probably be doing this regardless.  Perhaps we'll get a straggler or two.  My plan is to meet at 12:30 on the 26th at the Cafe Am Kai on the Salzach (very short walk from Altstadt).  I'll post a confirmation the day before including my mobile phone number.

Hope you and your wife like Salzburg and it'd be great to meet you.


can you tell me how to get there from the walking part of the city?  we are at Linzerstrasse andPriesterhausgasse

we just got here late MOnday night-- do you have time before Sat for a coffee or beer or lunch?  our sched is wide open

Sure, Larry.  It'd be great to meet for a cup of coffee but it would have to be after work.  If you're around on Thursday night, perhaps that would work.  I don't know the coffee shops on Linzergasse, that's not my usual side of the river.

Can I ask you to do a little homework to help with this?  Find a cafe on Linzergasse where you would like to meet and tell me the name (I'll figure out where it's at).  I could meet you there at perhaps 7:00pm on Thursday.

Hi Larry,

It's Thursday at noon so I am assuming we will not be able to meet today.  Hopefully you're still up for Saturday.


it may be Thurs somewhere  but I dont think in Salzburg Aus.. at least not by my calender.....  anyway Thurs eve will not work...  so  I am gonna try to make Sat..
I just got a cell phone and  if you call me you would be my erste anrufen  meine rufnummer ist   0650 7947851

can you give me specifiec on location again
either call or email me directly at
Larry Berle

Hi Larry,

I will reply also to your personal email as listed but I wanted to reconfirm that I will be going to the Cafe Am Kai on the Salzach.  If you are coming from Linzergasse, you would cross to the other side of the river (the side with the castle).  When you cross over the river, turn right and walk along the footpath/bike path by the river a few hundred yards.  The Cafe Am Kai sits just off the footpath/bike path.

My mobile is +43 664 3609 025 .  I always have it with me.  Feel free to call if you have questions.


Hi there,

I will be moving to Salzburg at the end of the year from Melbourne. I am from Ireland originally and would love to find a group to get out and explore with. Love the great outdoors so if there are any hiking groups or such you recommend I would be grateful for any suggestions! Anne

Hi Anne,

Welcome to Salzburg (effective whenever you get here)! It's a beautiful, charming, and historical town (although it may seem a bit small after Melbourne).  Coming in the winter, you should be able to find lots of snow sports and other outdoor activities nearby.  Spring-Fall offer lots of great chances for hiking.  The countryside is unbelievably beautiful.

I will be traveling at year end or I would be happy to sit down for a cup of coffee and tell you everything I know (which should take around 20 minutes) and perhaps introduce you to one or two expatriate friendly folks I know here.  Barring that, I might recommend taking a look at the Salzburg area of the Couch Surfing web site.  There is an active community in Salzburg and although the site is focused on travelers, they do quite a lot of socializing in town.  It's a great way to meet interesting people who generally speak excellent English and they may be able to point you to other local groups.  Is your German good?  It's not crucial as many people speak English well, but it would probably make your social life a little easier.

Best Regards & Best Luck,

Hi David,

Many thanks for your great tips! I am looking forward to settling in and exploring it all now in the New year!

Thanks again,


Cool.  If you're still up for a coffee I'll probably be back to Salzburg in mid-January.


Cool Thanks Dave

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