I want to hire a temporary shopping assistant in Marrakesh

I will be in Marrakesh from March 26 to the beginning of May, 2014, to do work on my riad in the medina.  I will need to buy a lot of furnishings--lamps, chairs, tables, beds, curtains, patio furniture, plants--and need to find someone who can help me find what I need, negotiate reasonable prices, and transport the items to the riad. 

The person I am looking for should:
Be a native Moroccan fluent in English, French, and Moroccan Arabic
Be familiar with Marrakesh and know where to find home furnishing items at good prices
Be able to translate my needs to merchants and tradesmen, or buy items on my behalf (including custom made items)
Be able to advocate for me so business owners understand I will be a repeat customer if satisfied, not a one-time shot for them to charge the highest they can...
Be creative and able to find resources and good deals
Have a car or other suitable transportation (not absolutely necessary, but ideal)
Be available to help me part time (10 - 15 hours per week) with flexible hours as needed
Be trustworthy, effective, and reliable!

Because my Arabic and French are both poor, and I am tired of getting hassled and overcharged as a "tourist", and need to make the best use of my time for these six weeks, and avoid depending on friends who are busy with their own lives, I've decided I would rather pay someone to help me with this.  I am willing to pay an attractive rate for the right person who can save me money, get results, and make my life easier!

Please reply to me if you are interested and available for helping me, and tell me why you think you would be good for this job.  Thank you in advance!


Hello JenB im interest of this job but i don't have a car but we can rent it and then be good friends and why not one day you will be like sister for help and do work together , i'm interest because i'm starting working for this secteur of tourist and i know more things for decorationa dn what need to do a good riad , contact me in my gmail moha2desert[at]gmail.com we need discuss and know good each other how all will be good inchaellah .   Mohamed

Hi Jen and Mohamed,

It would be best if you could post an advert in the section jobs In Marrakech which is most appropriate for your search.

Do not hesitate to give specific details about what you are looking for.

Thank you,

Expat.com Team

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