how to get work permit for belgium

hi i want to move belgium for work as individual,i want to know that in which visa category i can apply and i dnt know anyone in belgium so how it will work and how i can get work permit for that thanks

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I invite you to get in touch with the embassy of Belgium in Islamabad which may provide you with useful information: Tel : 00 92 51 - 265.41.01 - 04

Do not hesitate to come back on the forum to share any information you received regarding the visa.

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maybe i am getting a bit late here with my help but search KNELPUNT BEROEPEN.
there you find professons where there is fast request for coz we have not people who are intrested to do these jobs or we simply not find them.
it gives you a job straight away as long you followed colleges and gratuated you have the chance.
inform you and see iff there is something intresting for you

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