looking for opportunity in oil&gas industry in Angola as IT

I work as IT here at JEMBAS in luanda,angola, and my contract will end so soon. i am now looking for better opportunity in oil and gas industry which i believe they can provide a very competitive compensation, benefits and place to work.

i am hoping here in this blog could help me find direct contact.

thanks guys..more success and more members to come.

Hi nytshade15,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

It would be a good idea if you could browse through the list of jobs in Angola.

Do not hesitate to post your CV in the sector which suits you the most.

Best of luck,

Expat.com Team

Hi Hasnaa,
Thank you for your reply, i appreciate. I've done already sending cv to different oil/gas company here in angola,although its indicated that only locals are qualified.but, I've seen many expat inside their company, that is why im wondering how they do it..or maybe some inside referral.. which i dont have.

Good day.