change of profession

Assalam alaikum,
I came saudi arabia in december 2012 on a company visa.My profession was Technician but my company give me AAMAL TARKEEB.After one year, i.e. in January 2014, i take transfer from my company.Now I am in a new company.They hire me as a Technician.I am an engineering graduate and I have a B.Tech. Degree in Electronics & Communication.I want to change my profession to Engineer.
So, please tell me which documents is compulsory for attestation of degree.And what is the whole process?
My Degree: B.Tech.
My current profession: Technician
Profession wanted: Engineer

one of my friend had labour profession, worked for 4 years in saudi and he had Btech degree, but now he changed it to engineer. From the new company, he got company offer letter with chamber of commerce, ministry of foreign affairs attestation and his original degree sent to india for attestation. When his degree attestation was taking long, so he filled application in engineering council got it approved then he paid 3000 SAR to agent and got his profession changed. Now at last his degree got attested after 6 months and he changed everything officially.  Sometimes its so complicated and may take long long time. Good Luck...

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