Urgent Please Help - Clarification about the offer

Dear All,

Kind help requested

Below is the clauses in the offer I have received, the first 4 points were about the compensation which i have taken off

Please suggest if there something which i should be explicitly asking or should be bothered/worried about

5.     You will be entitled to a paid vacation of 22 working days per year.
6.     Your contract will be based on Married status, but family member benefit will only take effect after their arrival to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
7.     You will be eligible for ONE excursion economy return ticket per year to your country of origin, Riyadh/ New Delhi  /Riyadh for you, your spouse and two children maximum.
8.     End of Service Award shall be calculated in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Saudi Labor Law.
9.     The duration of your employment contract is one year, and can be renewed for a further term.
10.  Medical treatment will be provided according to the company internal policy.
11.  Hours of work are 8 hours per day, making a total of 48 hours per week maximum.
12.  The candidate will be responsible for changing his profession to a one that suits the position which has been offered to him.
13.  Your employment will be subject to three-month probationary period.
14.  The company will absorb sponsorship charges.
15.  The rules of the Saudi Labor Office and General Organization of Social Insurance and their complementary decisions will be referred to in case of any non-stipulated clauses in this Offer.
16.  All payable amounts and other benefits (in cash or in kind) are subject to taxes , fees and other costs imposed by KSA authorities on the date of signing this contract, and as well in case of any alternation which might occur in the future.
17.  Your expected joining date will be in a time-frame within a month.
18.  This offer is valid for 7 days only from the date of issue.
19.  You must provide the company with a letter of Release from your Current Sponsor. The Employment contract will not be signed in case the candidate fails to fulfill this condition. In addition, the Employment offer will become void in the event the candidate fails to pass the medical examination.
20.  By accepting this offer you undertake that all documents submitted to the company are true and correct. In the absence of complete documentation required for employment, the candidate undertakes to immediately complete the missing documentation prior to the joining date. The company reserves the right to modify or void the Offer without any responsibility in case of untrue or incomplete documentation.

Thanks and will really appreciate all help

Hi Ash, This is standard contract in Saudi Arabia except clause # 12 "The candidate will be responsible for changing his profession to a one that suits the position which has been offered to him". Do request clarification from your prospect employer about charges of changing your Iqama/Visa profession (if needed)?

Welcome to saudi, its betetr to seek help from some Expats who r HR here. May be Mr HrGuru can help you with all your queries, so i suggest you plz send him personnel message and discuss. Good luck

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