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Hi all,

Newbie on the Moldova forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Moldova if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

I have been here for about 5-6 weeks with the wife who is from Moldova. So far no complaints, If there are any fellow Americans looking to make friends then let me know.

I spend my time on the PS4, teasing my wife,working out and enjoying the local cognac which is mighty nice after a few hours in the gym. I really like the food, no preservatives and all organic with a descent price.

Arrived in from Australia three weeks ago.  I am volunteering for a NGO. Chisinau is a beautiful city, I like the connectivity. Impressed by the cleanliness in Transdneister. Australia, even though highly developed, has a lesson or two to learn from this little country :-)

i am seeking for new friends ,i am Tunisian man

Hi guys, I me and my husband are moving to Chisinau for several years next may. I am joining the forum hoping to find as much as I can about how life in Moldova really is, as after watching several documentaries and reading some articles/blogs I we are both really confused.

Hello everyone

My name is Sherry and I am just learning of Moldova. I have heard that  Chisinau is a great place to visit and live. I have two children who will also be moving with me so I need to learn about the education system for them as well as myself as I am seeking to complete my doctorate while living abroad.

Hi all

My name is Mark McKay and my plan is to look for work in Eastern Europe - and hopefully Moldova! - in the second half of 2015. I have my Certificate IV in TESOL from the University of Adelaide, as well as qualifications in Adult Literacy, Vocational Training and Assessment and Career Development. I am planning to commence my teaching degree either in Semester 2 this year or the start of 2016.
I currently teach English to multi-cultural classes of adults at a municipal council, and also to newly arrived (asylum-seekers and refugees) in a Government School - many of whom have very little English skills and may not have even been to school in their home countries (students from Somalia and Afghanistan come to mind).
My family (who have a Serbian background) and I travelled through the Balkans in 2013 and loved it! I am not sure whether Moldova has a similar feel, but would be keen to experience it. If I was able to secure a teaching position for even a short time this would give me the experience I desire to look at a longer term in the years to come.
I believe that my point of difference is my relaxed approach and my Australian accent which may be a welcome difference to British and American accents (although of course I may be wrong there!). I can also bring an Australian Curriculum that may be of some interest as there is significant Eastern European/Russian/Balkan diaspora in Australia. I am very laid-back, have a good sense of humour, patient, tolerant and can adapt readily to different situations and levels as required. I seem to be able to quickly gain the trust and the confidence of my students and I feel that I am able to relate well. What I would be interested in seeing is that how well that may relate to a mono-cultural class...
If anyone has any hints for some schools or private colleges to contact can they please "give me a yell" (Australian Idiom!!)



Hello every one,   I want to move Moldova  near soon,any one  can help me to share acomodation,langugage,any business or job,living cost ,how much I can face real problem about.and also I want to know about there life,is peace full, crime rate,friendly people? Bank account,can I make friend and lot of about Moldova.thank you for all to read this and hope you will reply me. Thank you.khas

Nice that ,I like your valuable comments about,human life and humanity must be prefer than other you have a time so serve people and guide them so they save theire  lives and their beloved once ,life comes once a time.thank you.khas

Hi  to everyone in the house,

I am a male 39yrs old, Nigerian, looking forward to moving to Moldova, a graduate of Accounting (H.N.D),  also am good in computer hardware assembling, with good relevant work experience,

Am seriously seeking for employment  in Moldova, Am very hardworking, can work with or with out supervisions, a good team player, healthy and very sociable person,

I can work both field work or indoor works, temporary or permanent jobs,

Can anyone help me out on how I can get work and the visa process, presently.

looking for quick response.

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Hello everyone  sorry for my English Trgomon events.
I came to Moldova .trip a friend that has family here i whant  to stay  Meanwhile, looking for work

I am looking for Bangladeshi people those r living in Moldova

Hello everyone > We invite members of the Moldova forum to introduce them self on this thread. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to start a new topic on the Moldova forum.

Thank you,

hi everyone! I am Honey originally from Philippines and working in Dubai. I spent my Ramadan vacation in Chisinau, Moldova last June at the same time got engaged with my moldavian boyfriend. The place was amazing, very peaceful although kinda old school because the city was not fully develop but I really like it. The weather is just perfect for me coz I like cold places. I know few Romanian words, commonly greetings. I worked here in Dubai with 2 Moldavian colleagues before and they thought me some Romanian words. I am planning to go back to the country to settle for good but I am wondering if I could get any job for me if I could only speak English. I hope somebody can help.

Hello. I sent you a message

Let's see if this work. I am currently visiting Moldova for second time and leaving on the 15th. Grandparents of my kids live in Balti and I will most likely be visiting a lot. I would like to start something in Moldova that can help me earn some cash here and at the same time help the people in Moldova.

First thing first, I need to know some people and find people that I trust. Open a bank account and begin some small savings here. If you are ready to be in contact don't be afraid to send a message.

Joined today, and am one of those who wish to move to Moldova for various reasons. Last week saw a documentary on Moldova, and it was the love at first sight, I found it exactly the place I wanted to live most of my life. Learning Romanian since last week. One day wish to shift there. Don't know what they offer to the expats, but then where there is a will there is a way, they say.

hello . can i know you? i am also going to moldova. could you send me an email? thanks . my email: ***

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