New members of the Gambia forum, introduce yourself here

Hello David and Presh, you guys are Highly welcome. and I pray that your heart desire to make Gambia a home will not fail you guys, God almighty will make a way for you two and. Bless.

I am a holiday maker, I host people from UK and other parts of the world sometimes, and also, I do real estate and property management, may be we can find a way to help each other.

Gunjur is great, and I wish you guys the best. I live in Bijilo, Kombo district.
Feel free to connect. Hopefully, we can build the Expat Monthly meet together so we could know each and other members.

Have fun and enjoy your home, The Gambia

Hello how are  u am working here in Gambia long time I no every thing don't worry I what aver if you want my half I can do for u my name Sunil

Just an update for Gambia forum.  Back in the country after a few months in Europe. Obviously the government change over situation is making the tourist trade around Kotu/Kololi a bit nervous as I write.  Fewer people venturing out of the hotels, which is a pity. We will have to wait and see what actualy happens in early Jan 2017.

My new compound house in Kololi is practically complete, just waiting for furniture to arrive from UK, appoint a house keeper, etc.

Anyone with a decent knowledge of custom procedure at Bunjul docks, most welcome to get in touch on the site, perhaps meet up for a drink one day.


I have a friend who works at gambia shipping company (i think thats the name) send me a private message and ill give you his details.


I am a journalist at Sky News in London, and I'm looking for people who are based in Gambia to talk to about the current situation there.

Would you be able to speak to us (ideally via Skype or Facetime), or could you put me in touch with someone who could speak?

We are very flexible on timing, but as soon as possible would be good.

My email address is kieran.turner[at]

Many thanks,

(sorry for repeat posting!)


I work at Sky News in London and I'd like to speak to someone living in Gambia, about the current situation because of the state of emergency that has been declared.

We could do the interview over Skype or Facetime.

My contact details are: kieran.turner[at] or 0044 207 032 1455

Many thanks,

Hi Kieran > you should try to post an ad in the Gambia classifieds Testimonies section. Good luck

Thank you - will do

My name is henk and i would like to live there in gambia, i have a house in bijlo and hope to find people who wish to share the house there, so i can cut on my expenses.
Planning to build a pool there, and it is near the beach and turntable
have a watch man and a maid there

you will live there near me
hope to meet you there ,

Hi all,

I will move to gambia in about one month as a manager of lojistic company .

İf it is possible can you give me information about salaries in Gambia.

Thank you for your help .

thanks. i am a uganda primary school teacher. i would like to be linked to gambai schools where i can offermy teaching service

i am planning to establish a new business in the gambia and need some deep information. could you help please?

Nice to meet you an accountant working with a car company call tkmotors. Reach me on this email XXX

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Welcome to the forum foday.

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greetings to u all, my name is Jude from Nigeria, right now i have made up my mind to come to Gambia. am into iron Welding and fabrication, pls can I be able to get a job on this engineering field if I arrive in Gambia?, pls ur reply to this post will be very helpful to me  thanks.

Hello All.

My name is Richard Ambler. I'm a single, 42 year old man, raised and currently living in wolverhampton (UK). I have a degree and Masters qualification in law but spent the last 15 years in corporate sales/business management.

I spent 2 years living in South-east Asia (Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia and Laos) and have enjoyed holidays across 4 countries in Africa, including 16 days in the Gambia.

I want to relocate to the Gambia and would greatly appreciate any help, advice, contacts and/or general direction about the employment opportunities. Ideally, I am best suited to commercial roles at a management level, having previously worked in the electronic security, IT and software sectors.

My email is richardambler45[at], mobile +44 (7545 236247) and invite any help, advice or guidance.

I look forward to your response.

Kind Regards

Richard Ambler


Judging by the date of your last post I'm guessing that you have by now relocated to your new job in Gambia.

As a business professional like yourself I would be truly grateful for advice or contacts you could offer toward any commercial vacancies or opportunities available out there.

I'm 42, currently living in wolverhampton and could provide CV etc if required.

Kind Regards

Richard Ambler

Contact the British Embassy for more job opportunities in the Gambia.
If not, then you have to fly down to Gambia and see where you can fit in, you may want to establish Your Own institution and then get contracts from the Government and Private Sector.

Hi kebba my name is Jude am a Nigerian. am planing to come and work in Gambia, am an engineer specialized in welding and fabrication of heavy metals. but am here to enquire from this forum if I came over to Gambia, can i get a welding job?.

Hello I will be coming to Gambia in April I will hopefully live in Serekunta. I want to rent  a house 2 bedroom.  I don’t know where to start so it’s possible do you know where I can get information on renting a house. I’m from Akron Ohio Usa

Well, i have an Estate Agency. We deal with Houses, Rental and Buying.
Serekunda is not a good place for expats to live. I dont know why you choose that area.
Well its a cheap place to live aswell.


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Hello! *waving enthusiastically*

I'm not an ExPat yet but I'm working towards it. I have visited Gambia once and have another trip planned next month. It would be great to chat/ meet up with ExpPats and hear your stories of life on the smiling coast.

You are welcome always to the Gambia...

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Gambia is a lovely place for holiday; with the emergence of the new president, hope is rising for business opportunities

Sorry my response is coming late, all my trips to Gambia have been holiday based, as such I can't talk about your getting a job there. I do know friends who are struggling to cope there though


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