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Newbie on the Nicaragua forum? Donít know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Nicaragua if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

hello julien Julian are 51 years would like to make fresh pasta in another country is not in Italy, a lot of competition, I was thinking of going to Vietnam, but it seems too complicated, where do you think it is better to produce fresh pasta I am now in nicaragua with the machine, tomorrow I have to withdraw in managua. the only problem that I do not like nicaragua. hello good answer

Hi Julian,

welcome to!

Thank you for this introduction. My advise is that you post your questions and share your project on the forums of the countries you are interested in. Members living there could try to help you.

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Hola; I'll be in Nicaragua next month for the winter. I from Canada and looking for warm haven.

Hi, my name is Doina.Im from Vancouver Canada.Me and my husband are thinking to move to Nicaragua. We will appreciate if we can talk to some Canadians  who are already  there. Thanks

Hey I'm Jeffrey and I actually live in Leon and own and operate a business here. I'm a New Yorker from NYC and if anyone ever has a question feel free to reach out to me. I have actually registered a motorcycle here and have been in the area since 2010 or so. I wish I had someone like ,me to ask questions to before I had to go through it myself!

Hi Christine, my name is Doina. Thank you for taking the time to answer me. Me and my husband are living in Vancouver Canada for 18 years( originally from Romania). We want to come to Nicaragua  to see how things are there . Lately we were thinking to retaire there. We don't  know to much, about safety cost of living culture(just what I could find on the internet) but never speak with somebody living there. We are 52 and 51 years old fun and easy going people( Romanians still by heart) We will appreciate  if you can talk to us- Soooooooo happy we found you! Thank you! Thank you!,,,,,!

I am Nicaraguan now  living in Brazil. I  visit my family there, every two or three year. Nicaragua is a very calm  country with very friendly  people and not expensive. If you are thinking live as retired, you can find small cities with temperate climate at north (Matagalpa, Jinotega, Esteli). After finding house for rent and knowing the city you can live well with no more than one thousand american dollars monthly. Let me know If you think I can help you.

So I am at a turning point in my life and ready for a much less stressful way of life.  I have only been once to nicaragua. But fell in love with the country.  I went alone and not kidding was scared when I arrived. Almost immediately a warmth and comfort came over me an new this was where I wanted to be.  Any advice most appreciated.  Thanks, linda

My name is James Cormack, I am a secondary school teacher and teach pupils of 11/17 years (though I would prefer to teach adults). I work in Glasgow, Scotland and I speak a number of languages and am fluent in Spanish
I have been teaching for 23 years and have travelled widely including having worked in Peru, Sweden and Spain.
I would like to work and live in Nicaragua because a number of thing there appeal to me: the climate, the Latin culture, the geography and the Latin American people and their way of life. I am also impressed with the comparatively low crime rate and the progressive political culture.
At the moment, in January in Scotland, the climate particularly appeals to me.

Hi Jeffrey. 

Hubby and are are headed down between April 25th and May 5th.  We've been doing some exploring in Belize, Chile, and Ururguay (so far, tops on our expat list) and are interested in Nicaragua.  Some of our days will be taken up visiting an expat community called Gran Pacifica -- on the coast.  Can't tell, but it looks like it's equa-distant from Managua and Granada.  In our travels, we've had good luck blogging other expats in other countries, particularly in Uruguay.  We hope we'll have good luck again.  We're both retired, but active, have wicked senses of humor and are somewhat "outliers" and not very traditional.  We're thinking, though, that our first move will probably be into an actual expat community, so we can get our feet wet and not be too overwhelmed.  Then, who knows?  We will probably be visiting your area, so would like to keep in touch and perhaps meet.

Sure just keep me posted. I just rented a house here.  I have been renting an apartment in a nice hotel forever so excited to get out. I just hired a housekeeper and my house comes with a gardener. Just send me a message when u are around and I can meet with you no problem. I own a leather export company here and manufacture my goods here in Leon. Just opened my first store front and learning about the process of getting all your legal paperwork in order. Takes a long time. If u send me a private message I can send you my Claro cell phone number and you can call me as well.

I'm a 30-year old man from Amman, Jordan planning to move to live in Nicaragua on the 17th of June. I have been teaching English for more than 8 years in international schools. Teaching is no longer my ultimate goal, however, I’m just willing to work as an English language teacher for some time in Nicaragua till I become totally aware of the country including its culture, language, people etc.. Are there any tips or things I should consider? Are there many international schools in Nicaragua? I don't expect to make any big career moves while living there, but I would like to continue working till I recognize everything in Nicaragua. Finally, Will I struggle a lot since I can’t speak Spanish?

Hi.  I recently turned 40 & have decided that I want to leave the states by the end of the year to move somewhere in Central America.  I fell in love with Costa Rica & have been visiting the country for 10 years (I bought a share there 7 years ago).  Costa Rica has gotten too expensive, so I am thinking to move to Nicaragua instead.  But I really don't know where to go or how to go about the whole process.  I will be relocating with my small dog, I'm looking to live in a safe area somewhere close to the beach. I have a decent savings, but I cannot never work again.  I am a yoga, pilates & indoor cycling instructor, hoping to find some work there.

Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Be well,

Hi Dawn,

I retire in about 1 year and am thinking of moving there also.  I have a Chihuahua as you can see from the pic.  Please keep in touch and let me know any info you find about what cities to live and housing.

Thanks Shekinahflame

I want to live in leon.  But I first need to find a hotel and then a house.  Has anyone recently gone through this.  I would appreciate some good advice.  Anyway I am retired electronic instructor and I am tired of the cold.

My name is Michael. I am a lifelong Michigan resident - a Wolverine ! Now that I am retired <65> I am seriously considering something I have wanted to do - move out of the country to a quiet peaceful country to spend the remainder of my life. Something way different than the city, suburbs and traditional American lifestyle. I am reading and doing all my homework now. I could really use a "buddy" who can mentor me on places to rent for at least a year. Reasonable prices, safe, easy to get around - all the stuff we/you have all thought or are thinking about. I am seeking a house or cottage. I am Mexican-American and know some phrases in Spanish but not fluent. If you have any areas that might be a good "look" for this "newbie", please let me know. Thank you and "happy travels!"

Hi all (or should I say Hola?)
My name is Brian, I am 52 and just quit teaching in California after 28 years.  I am hoping to move to San Juan del Sur in mid-March. (Anybody renting a house?)  My Spanish is OK and I hope to find some place to volunteer my skills.  I have a blog with some of my travels (currently 35 countries, including 3 long bicycle trips) at  Nicaragua will be a new experience for me as I have never been there, nor have I been out of the USA for more than 3 months at a time. (Bused around Mexico.)  Hope we can share a Toña when I get there.  Gracias poor la invitación.  Brian

My name is Donna  and I am from Newark, Delaware. I have decided I want to live abroad. I am still at my present job but I am in the process of taking the international TEFL certification so I can teach English in Nicaragua. I have just started my preparation to make the move to Nicaragua. I wanted to be part of this forum to meet people in Nicaragua or planning to move to Nicaragua. I need all the advice I can get while I am in process of making  the move. Thank you all.

Just registered on this site. Currently living & working in Toronto but looking to make the move down to Nicaragua. Wanted to reach out and make some contact, get a sense of the opportunity, lifestyle, advice, suggestions etc. all welcome.

My hubby and i are moving to the sjds/Playa Yankee area in July. He is American and i am Canadian-currently living in Dallas. He works as an IT recruiter from home &i am a jewellery designer and clothing dabbler (beachy stuff) with an etsy store.
We are moving to nica to down size, get away from the bigger better more mentality, to simplify and to concentrate on our quality not quantity of life.
Avid world travelers, we have three canine kids (sm, med, lg) and love new experiences.w are foodies, music lovers and chill out enthusiasts.
The goal is to live in multiple countries around the world before retiring eventually in Asia.
Super excited about the start of our life adventure in Nicaragua!

We are moving to sjds area in July and hope to meet you then Brian!

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When my hubby Stephen was on a scouting trip there this past fall, Don showed him around town, invited him golfing with a group and introduced him to a bunch of expats.

Good luck and see you soon

Hey Jeffery
What is the name of your biz in Leon? Is it online? Would def come and see it once we move to nica. Any suggestions or help you could give on opening a store would be appreciated.
I want to open a tourist based clothing and jewelry store in sjds this fall.we arrive there this July.
Thx much, Kristina

Just saw your post.  Thanks for the tip.
I am leaving Santa Barbara :( on the 30th of March.  I have a hotel in Granada for 2 weeks and then a week at Chales starting on the 10th of April.  I hope that will give me some time to look around.  My goal is a rental under $400 for the next 3 years or so.  Who knows.  Unemployment/retirement is new to me.  I will definitely  look up Donald.  Beer is on me in July.

JBernhard Designs. Just Facebook me. I have an extensive blog on doing business in nicaragua.
I have two storefronts and I manufacture and export goods from here. I live here and have a place in NYC that I distribute to.
Find where exactly where you want to be in that city. Wait and be patient for a spot. Real estate turns quick here. Find an assistant that's a Nica. They will save you more money in the first week and pay for themselves. Never negotiate alone. Let the Nica res do it. I stay in my car until the negotiating is over. Then I get out and get my goods. When they see you the price doubles.

PS have fun and enjoy the place. Be open about the type of employees you get.  Nobody works like people work in the US or Europe. We have a place in the Bahamas and this reminds me a lot of the laid back island lifestyle. You need to be open and clear with the employees.  Start your paperwork as soon as you get your place so that you can be legit quicker.  Have patience!  :D

hi all
my name is kristina and my husband is stephen. we are moving to the san juan del sur area in july where- if all goes well- we are buying a house in the playa yankee area.
this is the start of our world living tour. we plan on spending around three years in each as follows: nicaragua first then on to south america- ecuador?- then europe finally finishing in south east asia- phillipines, thailand, malaysia? we currently have small, medium and large canine fur babies: cassie baby princess, diamond duchess and samson, our prince and protector :)

we plan on opening a tourist based jewellery and clothing store in sjds. any help (received a bit already from lazytrader) on starting a biz, paperwork etc for immigration and anything else you feel like sharing is much appreciated.

we are very sociable and love to travel. our kids are the world to us. looking forward to meeting and becoming friends with those that are interested.

happy to share our immigration law firm's info with any.

cant wait to start our downsized, quality not quantity, fresh seafood/produce daily life!!

what exactly do you mean by a nica assistant? put the store lease in their name? create a corp with them as  a 50/50 partner? just hire them as a secretary/personal assist. to do face time with others?
little confused....

let u know when we get there brian...good luck

Get someone to work for you that is from there. You can hire someone very cheap. They know where everything in town is and can communicate for you with the town hall, business registration for your RUC number etc. 
The Nica partner thing works like this. You are a foreigner.  You can't own things until you become a resident.  You can obtain this status if you invest $30k in your business, or a few other ways.  The attorney Paul Tiffer? Spelled correctly? He has a blog on here that lays out the laws pretty simply.  You can have a partner here that is responsible for 1% and you are at 99%.  Same like in the US. This person can be on the paperwork and you can have your RUC fairly quickly. After you obtain your residency, you can transfer all the power to your name no problem.

Hi everybody,

This topic has been created for the introduction of the new members, therefore it would be best if we can exchange on other topics by creating news threads on the Nicaragua forum please.

Let's keep this thread for the introduction of the new members only.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Ok thx...that makes sense. I will contact that lawyer also.

Hi I am Nicaraguan on my fathers side. Born and raised in SF, CA. I've been to Nicaragua to be with family 3 times in my life, I am over a half century old. Not a super strong connection with them, just a warm comfortable familiar feeling. My father died here in SF back when I was in my early 20's and he was not connected to Nicaragua after moving to SF in the late 1940's. . Guess it skipped a generation, because I love it there. My family tells me gringas like me ( I have light complexion and blue eyes) get robbed, etc if I travel through Nicaragua on my own, so when visiting them, I spent all my time with them. Well, my aunts and uncles are elderly and like to stay home. My cousins all work, limited time off. SO, I haven't seen much of the country, really, in my 3 visits.
Still, I love the climate, know a bit of high school/college spanish (not much chance to use it since my dad spoke english to me), and wish to live there when I stop working here in SF, which is WAY to expensive for my income. I have children and as they grow up, I live in an apartment in my old home from childhood (SF). My job is teaching children with special needs, right now, preschoolers with language delays and autism.
What are the prospects for folks like me, repatriating my heritage, so to speak, finding a home in a community near Chontales perhaps,(my dads birthplace) and continuing to work in this field of teaching in general?

My husband, Jim and I (Tricia) currently live in Kauai, HI.  We have been working for a Canadian company for the past several years managing grocery stores in remote locations. Before Kauai, we lived for 3 years in remote bush Alaskan villages managing stores there. 

We have reached the point where we are ready to embrace the Expat life!  I am an intermediate spanish speaker and have always loved all Latin American cultures. 

We are strongly considering Costa Rica, where we have some friends nWear Playa Matapalo, or Nicaragua because the cost of living is so much less. 

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! 


I have lived overseas for over 30 years.  I have been in Nicaragua 13 years and have a business in Granada.  I love it here and will be happy to answer any questions.  This is a gentle place to live with wonderful people.  Best, Terry

Dear Terry,
My husband and I will be making a short trip yo Nicaragua from April 25th to May 5th. We have been taking "first visit" trips to a number of South and Central American countries with the goal of coming up with a. expat "short list" to visit again.   We are concentrating this trip on Managua, Granada and visiting an expat community called Gran Pacifica on the coast.  We will be staying at the Hotel Casa San Francisco in Granada on May 2nd and 3rd.  We would love to meet you and get your observations about the area...perhaps over good coffee or drinks??  If this is possible, please reply and we will set up something definite.

I own Casa San Francisco, I am usually there every morning for breakfast, I may or may not be in town these dates, but I will know more soon.  Would love to talk to you.  You will find Casa San Francisco very welcoming.  My partner sister, Nancy, might be there if I am not, she is a fountain of information.  Hope to meet you.  Best, Terry

my name is Kathy and I am interested in moving to Nicaragua because I hear it is beautiful and a very reasonable place to live. I want to live where it is calm and peaceful, I am ready to leave my rat race life behind. I would love to hear more stories from expats in Nicaragua

Why not fly down for a week. Cheapest week of the year to travel here now.

Hello Spenser,

Please le me know if you make the move to Nicaragua... I'm currently doing a TEFL course and would consider moving there to teach if there are opportunities. I also have no Spanish yet.

Kind regards

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