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Hello all,

we, myself, my wife and daughter are living in Ethiopia. My self is running 300 ha vegetable and fruit farm for local and export market.

We are now looking around to find a second investment, but due to the development in Ethiopia we are taking Madagascar into the view!

If any one is working in farming, agriculture and horticulture, I would be happy to exchange some knowledge.



Hi guys

Arriving on the east coast in a couple of days. Keen to know more about the area around Toamasina, malaria tablet advice and internet connectivity .

I look forward to any advice for a newbie.


Which crop is feasible that can grow in Madagascar. having market in Europe or in Asia. ?

Hi everybody! Big Mahalo to Julien for starting this thread!

I'm a 27 year old from Hawai'i with a social-work background, I spent 4 years traveling around the world and ended up falling in love with Madagascar, head over heels hahaha! I kinda got scraped (I've been attacked and robbed, got into an arranged marriage, been in a car accident)  but it's all been so amazing and I'm still here looking for ways to get established in the country. I'm back in Hawai'i now but am really interested in any way I can go back to Madagascar and bring something good, in a social work kind of way.

I'm also a learning permaculturalist and organic farmer. I just got back from a 1 month trip in Haiti visiting Carbon Roots International to learn about green charcoal production which is something that could really help to slow down deforestation in Madagascar. Please please please direct message me if you'd like to chat!

Aloha and Mahalo to you all

Great...welcome on this group.
Green Charcoal is new concept and can be viable in Madagascar. But cooker manufacturing is little difficult task.
Best wishes.

Aw thank you Amitbarve!  It's so great to connect with like-minded people = )

Yes friend. exchanging ideas will increase our vision.
Which may convert in reality.
Best wishes

Hi there.
My name is Victor and I'm from South Africa and has been working in the mining industry for many years. Would like to know the following: Can people 50 years of age who wants to retire, migrate to Madagascar and also start a small business just to keep busy?

My name is Eric am from Mauritius Island,would like to join Madagascar as soon,willing a change  of my life living.
My girlfriend is from Antananarivo,shelives  overthere and would like to join her
As well looking for a job,am a Restaurant Managerand we are willing to buy a house
for us in madagascar.Hope will join her soon.

welcome friend


I am looking for an investor(s) to join an ecotourism opportunity near Antasibe, in eastern Madagascar.

Let me know if you might be interested.

Kind regards

Ashley Leftwich


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