New members of the Gabon forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Gabon forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Gabon if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi All, new to Gabon and to French!! My family has just moved and my kids are in school but it is very difficult for them with the language barrier especially for my 4 year old. Are there any English speaking education options here?


I am living in Libreville, Gabon. I would like to meet different people from different professions and different countries.
I want to know about Gabon, the culture, the places etc

Hope to see my friends in near future.

I am at present in the Gabun, in Libreville and would be happy to meet friends, I am very alone here. Thank you

bonjour tout le monde
je vous remercie de m'accepter dans votre forum
je suis marocain projetant de partir au Gabon pour travail et je serais ravi de faire votre connaissance tous

:top: God ming se. I was in Gabon two days ergo never have a Gabon  visa to conturno to liprevelle for jop

Hi my name is Roxanne and I am currently living in Libreville, Gabon.

Hi everyone....I'm a south african living in Gabon. I'm still struggling with French! I am so happy I can be in contact with other english speakers.


Hi. I am looking to move to Libreville as my husband is located there. I need to find some job opportunities. Can anyone help? I am currently employed with KPMG India as an internal auditor in Risk Consultancy. I have worked in Gabon for a month n February this year. After that I have traveled quite often to Libreville. I have a background in Finance and Marketing. I am also undergoing lessons in French.

Request you to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me find a suitable job so I can reunite with my husband ASAP.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi! I am South African to and obviously living in Libreville as well! Although we will be moving soon it would still be nice to meet you!

Hi dear where do you from?

Hi All. I have a job offer for a sugar mill in Gabon close to Franceville. Currently am an expat working in Swaziland. Am still deciding. Have a family with 2 kids who will need schools. Any info will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

hey hi , lefty this side , come from india , working in libreville gabon .  :cool:

hey hi , please tell the job profile and qualification thanks in advance

Hello Sir g  kia hall hy g
Sir g  main pakistan sy hoon lekn is waqat librivelle my hoon job ki research kr raha hoon meny (D A E ) civil kia hy or architect b hoon architect my 4-5 years ka experience b hy or site engineer my 1years experience b hy kia ap help kr sakty hain g

Hello hhms

As you are on the anglophone version of the forum, it is required to write ONLY in English.

Kenjee Team

I live in Librevile January 2014. I came here because my husband works here. We opened a restaurant.
My experience is very good but I had to make many adaptationes especially learning the language. I 'm still learning .
I met many people, some of them are already friends. The country is cute and we invite people in Libreville go through our restaurant. .
My husband speaks good Spanish, English, French , Portuguese and English. I speak Spanish and some French JA JA JA !!!. For me it is a good experience to live here. An adventure !!!!

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Just arrived to Libreville few days ago
Looking for friend to spend time with

Hello everyone,
Could you please recommand some places where to meet expats ?
I'm thinking about bars, restaurants, clubs or cultural places ...
THanks for your answers

Do you own a bar in Libreville (Roxbar ?)

Hi All !!

I have been in Libreville since November 2013. Yet most of my expat friends have left Gabon for good ;(
Would love to get together with some English speaking fellow expats.

Let's get together soon !!

Hi. I'm moving to Libreville in a month's time. I am a education student and would love to help your little one with English. I am a student language teacher, my major subjects are Afrikaans and English, as I am from South Africa.
Would love to hear from you if you have any questions. ☺

HI dear am pamela gabonese but living to port i will happy to hell someone can speak french my english is sosos but i try see u all

Hi All
I am new member, I moved to Gabon on 2013 and till now I am working for oil and gas company, I like Gabon and especially Libreville and African style there.
Wishes the best to all expat and their families in Gabon


Hello, Mouxagui here,I'm back in Libreville after 5yrs in India. I'll be pleased to be in touch with all English speaker and every expat in Libreville

hello                                                                i am a gabonese,back home after 5yrs in accra ghana,where i was student,i am here to meet english people so that i can continue to pratique my english skills, i dont want to loose it books alone cannot help me,i hope to meet friend soon.i really like to stay in english environment. thans

hi I'm Gabonese and I can speak English!

Hi Shanikotze

Have you arrived in Libreville yet? I'm south african too... and I know some south Africans in Libreville.

Hi. My name is Christopher Ibuanokpe. I am a Nigerian, an Urhobo, of Delta State. I live and do business in Lagos. I am planning to visit Gabon in September to explore the possibilities of  establishing a continuous supply sources of stock for my live aquarium fish business. This will be my first time in Gabon.
I would therefore be glad to make friends, especially English-speaking ones, whom I can liaise with any time I am there, and who can be my guide and help me with the social, cultural and commercial aspects of life in Gabon.


Hi I am moving to port gentile in gabon and would like to ask about availability of English American school for my son grade 6

what do you really
want. Are facing any problem?

Gabon has made English her second language. so there is no cause for fear. there are good English schools in port gentile

Dear Friends,

I am not new to Gabon.

I am very much interested in Numismatics, if any one interested in this field please contact me.

Have a pleasant stay in Gabon

With warm Regards,
K. Babu

hi to all ! I'm Clotaire . I'm from Gabon . A teacher of English and French as well as a translator .
you could contact me ***
Regards !!!

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Hi All-

My husband, Sean and I recently moved to Libreville to begin teaching at Ruban Vert International school. I'm the new Head of Music and he is teaching theater/dance. We would love to meet new friends since we do not have any connections here in Gabon. Leave me a message!



My wife and I just moved to Port Gentil 2 weeks ago, and don't speak French (yet).  We don't have any kids, but would love to meet new people (especially someone who can speak English).

Bonjour je viens vivre à Libreville au Gabon et j'aimerais en mené mes affaires et je suis à Toulouse,je ne trouve pas de transitaire pour satisfaire à ma demande, si quelqu'un a une idée, pour me renseigner je prends.merci

Est ce que quelqu'un d'entre vous a déjà pris en transitaire ADEM Déménagements????

Hello I am Gabonese if you want i can give you the email of my sister who live in Gabon. She will be happy to give you more informations

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Hi I am about to come to live in Gabon in Libreville I find no freight forwarder on Toulouse or I live.and then I do not know what I need as papers for clearance either.If you have any info, I am a taker.merci ...

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