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Hi all,

Newbie on the Guadeloupe forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Guadeloupe if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

I think Guadeloupe would be a great fit for me I love agriculture and would love to buy a small farm do some small dairy farming with French breeds. I have some experience with AI and could expand to embryo transfer.  I'm also a baker and can cook Azorean Portuguese food. I speak , French Spanish Portuguese. have many hobbies. I raise Yorkshire Terriers. My University degree is History and concentrated on Portuguese Jews and their history.  I have lived in St Croix U.S Virgin Islands and East Timor.  I learned French in Montreal Canada.  I also have a degree in Education and Training. From; the Community College of the Air Force.

Hello Johenry!

Thank you for this brief introduction of yours!

If you have any questions or wish to share any info, please do not hesitate to create a new thread.


Hey everyone,

I'm surprised there's not much response to this post... it's always nice to meet new people and get to know other's dream.

Ok.. let's start then! So, I'm currently living in Malta and I'm planning on moving to Guadeloupe middle of October to join my cousin and find a job. Later on, my boyfriend will join me and after several months, we'll start a world trip.

My questions is: Is it easy to find a job or is the task as hard as in any other french department? Also, is not speaking french fluently (Spanish boyfriend) a big issue or does the tourism industry allows it? Our main objective is to visit the Island, some others around (Barbados, Martinique, st Marteen, Jamaica) but especially to save up money. Do you think it would be possible?

Then, how is life in Guadeloupe? Living myself in an Island, I can say it is totally different and much more enjoyable than in a big country, but it has its pro and cons. Expensive life, lots of corruption... on the other hand, life is less stressful, it is easy to meet a lot of people with different lifestyle and it add to your life the spices you need!

Hoping to get some reply from the one living in Gwada already and wishing you a good day!

Hello Mathilde,

Have you already found answers to your questions?
If not I can ask to some friends living in Guadeloupe if they can give you the answers you need.

Lemme know,


please do, I'm still interested in exploring moving there. thank you for your help.  I have Portuguese citizenship can I use, it to establish residency in Guadeloupe, Dairy cattle is something I just love, are there active Dairies or cattle ranches on the Island?  I do speak French  I'm hoping to get certified in Permaculture  this winter in El Salvador
, and how is the organic movement there? thanks again for your time Merci.

Re: Doing business in Guadalupe
Im Interest in buying small birds (finch). Can some one refer me to an exporter or some one who does this type of business on this island?


yup...hawaii guy who's living in florida and missing the island life.have not been to your island but have been to a lot of Caribbean  islands and so much closer than maui. i have my best pal...7 year old golden think of if and when i relocate...much shorter trip for him.

would be interested in hearing the "local" in's and out's of your home...things to do...things not to do.having lived on islands over 30 years...i realize the smallness (which i love) and the need to be a good neighbor/friend.

i don't think i'll ever retire...just find something else interesting to do.been in the F&B/hotel business a loooong time...still love it.but would be open to new opportunities ??

will keep this first one short.

mahalo nui

tj n kimo

Well, well, I see there hasn't been a reply in two years. I hope the English-speaking expats haven't all disappeared  :)

I'm American, originally from California, but have lived in various places around the world. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Comoros for over 2 years so I know one version of living on an island. I've been married to a French guy for 20 years. We have a bi-lingual son who's 14. Currently living near Nîmes in the South of France where we've been for 9 years.

Sad to live this fabulous region, but excited at the prospect of living in Basse Terre where hubby got a new job. (Just found out !) He's arriving sooner (November), us later (December/January) so son Noa can start lycée in the middle of the year. This will be difficult for him : loss of friends, starting in the middle of the year... Our rental location will really depend on finding the best lycee for him, so any advice is welcome on that end : Saint Claude ? Basse Terre ? Trois Rivières ?

Interests : doing a Masters degree in clinical psychology specializing in older persons, but also psychiatric illnesses. Extensive work in humanitarian & associative fields ("cadre" project management for NGOs) and also English teacher (high school, companies, teacher training). Buddhism, meditation & yoga. Sociable & would love to hook up with other English speakers, but I'm fully bilingual & used to living in France after so many years.

I have oodles of questions, but as this is just an intro, I'll leave it at that. I would really love to be in contact with people living in Basse Terre area.

Best !

Holly Jones-Rougier

Hi Holly Jones-Rougier,

Welcome on board and thank you for your introduction  :)

Do not hesitate to create new topics on the Guadeloupe forum for each question you might have. They will benefit from more visibility on the forum and at the same time, you will get better interaction with members already there or those looking forward to move to Guadeloupe.

All the very best,

Hi everyone,

I was happy to stumble upon this site and see that there are more English speaking expats than what I had originally thought. I have recently moved to Guadeloupe as a High school English assistant and am living in Le Moule.

I am not fluent in French but since I am Canadian I can understand really well and carry a conversation.

I'd love to meet up with some fellow expats and see what Guadeloupe has to offer.



Salut mes amis! My name is Jaimee and I have been living/working in Haiti for the past 8 years. Unfortunately, the situation there has deteriorated dramatically so I am looking for a new home. I am considering beautiful Guadeloupe. i love French culture and language. I speak Haitian Creole, passable French and fluent English. I would love to continue teaching English in my new home as I did in Haiti. i teach all levels and all ages. I will be traveling to Guadeloupe in December 2016 to get a feel for the island. Maybe we can get together??  *** if you want to get in touch.

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Hello everyone!

I am planning my move to Guadeloupe for next Summer 2017 and I am looking for employment opportunities. I am not picky but I have a background in education (teaching and administration) and tourism. If you, or anyone you know, have an employment opportunity and is looking for someone to fill a position(s), please let me know.


Hi Everyone -- I'm a writer,  traveler, scuba diver and island-lover from California, and as I work remotely, I can work from different locations. My husband and I are very interested in visiting Guadeloupe for a month or two and getting familiar with the culture while practicing our French skills.

I'm more interested in the day-to-day life and local foods and customs than the resort scene, and hope to learn more about the island on this forum. Thanks!

Hi, I spent most of my adult life in the SF Bay area. I arrived in Guadeloupe six weeks ago. I have found it to be very beautiful, French, and expensive. It is a popular tourist destination with cruise ships stopping here often. The population is mostly local or European. There aren't many Americans here although most people I've met have been gracious. It would be difficult to get by longer term without a strong grasp of the French language. Most people here know some basic English, but it's not widely spoken. It's really an island version of France. There are language schools available to help you. And of course the water can't be beat! I would encourage you to check it out, but don't expect a cheap vacation. People rent out their flats for 60-120 euros per day. I hope this helps.

Thank you -- that is great information. I'll start looking at the other forums and when I find a way to swing this, I'll let you know!

Hi All
I am Darren, 45 and a mechanical engineer.
I am looking to move on in life and I would hope that Guadeloupe will be the place for me.
Although I am an engineer, and have been since I left school.
I have many other interests that I would hope could help me secure a little job to keep me going for a bit.
I am researching Guadeloupe a bit more every day and starting to learn French, as the broken school type French will not help me progress and am hoping for a small trip there towards the end of this year.
I have a bit of capital so investing into or purchasing a business would not be a bad thing foe me as that it a very fresh start.

So that is a brief me, I know it is a bit basic and sketchy, but I am sure there will be a flood of questions and sought advice coming from me in the not to distant future.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!!


hi guys i am from the place, if you need something in GWADA just let me know and we ll find a way.....take care....

Hi thanks for replying.

We are maybe thinking of starting a little business out there.
Having not done a fact finding tour yet,not till july or august.
Where do you think would be a good place to start.

Best Regards


I'm George.  I've lived in New York most of my life.  I'm married now for nearly 29 years.  I'm recently retired.  I'll be 65 next month.  I took up the guitar and Irish harp after retiring, so Music has been a focus.  New York is fun but far too expensive and getting worse and we're tired of the weather.
We visited Guadeloupe in January and found the people delightful and the island astounding.  While we're not doing anything immediately, we're planning on leaving the area in a year or two.  The idea of Guadeloupe keeps coming up.  We're both passionate enviromentalists.  My wife is still working as a Special Education teacher.  We do not speak French, at least not yet.  I have a good pension, but in New York, it will be tight.
We're wondering about housing costs, especially around Deshaies, but elsewhere as well.  Basic costs of living, health care etc.
That's about it for now.

I was wondering if you found a lycée you were happy with for your son?  I would like to have my children attend school in Guadeloupe for 4 months and am looking for Information on schooling available.  Any suggestions for best schools? College and lycée. Thanks!

Hi there! My name is Betsy,  I am moving to Guadeloupe in the next months with 2 very young little girls and would love to know anyone who is there currently please? :) many thanks in advance for everything!

Much love to all :)

How's the,fact finding going? :)

aloha betsy...
congrats on your move. i hope it's everything you are looking for ?? while i'm not on the island...close actually in florida...i've lived on islands 35 years. they're just the best...hope this season's hurricanes have been kind to Guadaloupe ?? anything i can help you with about island life...i'll do my best.
where are you moving from ??? the girls are going to have the time of their lives...!!!!



I just arrived to Guadaw!!
Looking for friends!!!


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