New members of the Brunei forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Brunei forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Brunei if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Just landed a job in Brunei

hello Julien,

thank you for appreciating the effort sharing on this page,
hoping to share and explore more in living Brunei.


Hi everyone.... hope to make new friends and learn more about Brunei.


looking forward to expand my horizon in Brunei .excited to start a new life with new people and surrounding

I just moved to Brunei two days back for a long term assignment with family.

hy i m new comer here i was visit in bruney for 6 i m go back to indonesia because can't fint job on there

Hi everyone..

My name is Tuba.. yes like the musical instrument ?. I just moved to Brunei from Brisbane Australia for my husbands work. I am Turkish but born and raised in Australia. I have a 2 yr old daughter and would love to meet other
Australians, Turks, mothers or make new friends.

Im Llorina DC Alfonso working as an accountant in one of the biggest recycling firm here in Brunei. I want to transfer to another company for the same posituon for a better future. Thanks for welcoming me as a part of Thank you and best regards.  LORIE

Hello everyone.
I'm erryz from Malaysia.. I really keen to explore more bout Brunei & establish new networks/friends.
Thanks to all

I think as long as you do not commit any crimes there, then you'll be fine.. hehehe  :D

Hi every one , I wish all are in their best in health.
I am living and working in Brunei Darussalam.
any information regarding Brunei please let me know I try my best.


Hello all

My name is Eugene, moving to Brunei in Sept which is probably a couple of weeks from now. Landed a job in Bandar, will be moving over with my fiancee, hope to meet more people here and perhaps have some form of activities in brunei.



Hi there,

Moving to Kuala Belait with Husband in the very near future next couple of months, I have twins aged 5 who have just started Primary 2 in the UK.  Can someone please advise me of the best school in the area to get them into.

I have been looking at International School Brunei KB.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Bee

Hi everyone. . My name is Robert from Bandar ..I am born and raise in Brunei..Used to work in the Airlines but now I am a car Salesman. . I am not here to sell our cars but if given a chance ..why not.. I was introduced to  this site cos I am trying  to sell off a car. ..

Hi guest
How are you, I m chef manan have been experience in brunei around 19 years.

Hi ...
Im Maryam, currently lives in Brunei for almost 4 years in healthcare service, Newlywed and Im looking a job for my husband here. He experienced as Electrical Engineer and M&E works.

I just arrived here with my husband.  I am teaching English.  Would love to find a driving instructor in Kuala Belait if anyone knows of any. They must speak English. 

Hi Julien,
Thank you for this site. I am currently in Brunei, and hope I can make my stay here meaningful and worthwhile.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to!

For those who are looking for a job, please post an advert in the jobs in Brunei section. If you have any specific questions please start a new topic on the Brunei forum.

Please keep this topic on the Introduction of new members.

Thank you,
Christine team

Hi everyone. I just landed a job in oil and gas and moving to Brunei in Jan 2015 with my wife. We are looking for new friends in Brunei to have fun together. We like traveling, bicycle riding, jogging and photography. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you also looking for a good company.


hey im Bruneian and also as a newbie as well by today.hehe sorry im not really good in English.i also have no idea how am I going to do here :)

Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder that this thread has been created for the new members to introduce themselves. If you have any other topic that you wish to discuss about, please do so by creating a new thread in the Brunei forum so that we don't go off-topic on this  thread.

As for jobs related posts, please post them in the Jobs in Brunei section.

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Shaazia Team

You well come to Brunei .
I can help as much as possible
I like Malaysian and their culture.
keep in contact,

I am a pharmacist  by profession.Presently I am working as Assistant  Manager in an apex Bank in Kerala. I would like to work as pharmacist in Brunei as I like to do something special for patients.
I have done my BSc in Botany from Kerala University and Diploma in Pharmacy from Kottayam Medical college.
I have got 72% of marks in my BSc and 64% for my DPharm.
I have got 8 years work experience as Pharmacist and 9 years experience as Assistant Manager.
Now I am 54 years and married. I have two children and they are studying.


I just seen ur mesage on
I live and wotk in brunei.
Keep contact may be i can adjust u i  brunei send what job ur intrestef.

Hi! That's actually a pretty good salary. Monthly, I allot 250 bnd for my food (I mostly cook my own food, but I do eat out twice or thrice a week), 100 bnd for my public transpo (I don't have a car so I hired someone to fetch me going to and fro work), and 50 bnd for leisure (no nightlife here, so this is mostly spent on touring nearby countries).

I hope this helped.

Hello! I'm Ashley, Filipino. I recently moved here for a teaching job.

My father works here as well, but as an architect. He's been here for three years now, plus 5 years when I was still a kid. So you'd figure that I've been a tourist here many times already. As a tourist, I was able to observe that I can have a simple and quiet life in here, while still achieving the career goals that I hold dear. The hustle and bustle in my homeland can sometimes be an advantage, but more often than not, a distraction to my calling.

I hope joining this blog can help me know and love this country even more! hahaha
I may have visited this country several times but I still have tons to know about it.

P.S. I'm a tree huger. This is the perfect place for me!

cheers :)

Hi. Qistina here. Moved to Brunei after staying in Poland for nearly 4 years. By the way I'm Malaysian. :)

well come to Brunei and I wish your stay here is pleasant  much better then ever.
I am also expat here since 7 years and  working in hospital.
I visited Poland and was live short time in Krakow, I like that place too.
keep in contact to share our experiences.

I working in Brune since 2012

Hello anurajp,

Welcome to!

It would be great if you could tell us a bit more on yourself and share your experience in Brunei so far :)


Mishna faezah and im newbie at thiz forum....halo...enjoy ur day with ur future strong n alwys think win win if u wanna be a looking 4 a nursing job in brunei...

Hi everyone,

My name is ellie, I am new here. Been here since Feb 15 and hope can find friends here. I came from Indonesia and work in professional sector.

Hi   Christine,
Im Marcel   id  like  to   move to   Brunei
Need  informations please

madison200 :

Hi   Christine,
Im Marcel   id  like  to   move to   Brunei
Need  informations please

For information please read through the many posts in the forum categories list on the top right hand side of this page.

Hi all,
Right now am working with a news website in Dubai. I have an experience of around 10 years. Since my husband is working in Brunei, I am looking to get a job in Brunei. :)

My name is widi, my educational background is architecture and civil engineering. currently working as a construction manager in the developer company in jakarta. My project is being handled is District8 and l
Langham center of the town area SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District) Jakarta Indonesia. I am very eager to work in the country of Brunei Darussalam, and if there are friends who can help and provide information in accordance with the educational background and my experience in construction, I asked for his willingness to help me. I hope I can soon work in Brunei. thank you for your attention and cooperation, may God bless you

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Hello.. My name is Isabelle Tillett.. we are a family of four. My husband is  PILOT. Please could you give me the ups and downs of living in Brunei with family.. Is there possiblitiy of moving my horses there or is it not horse area. What about pets..dogs and cats? I need to decide if I must rehome them in South Africa or bring them with. How are schools and Universities for Engineering?

Any info..

How 's the crime in BRUNEI? I hope not like sa?

Any Info would help? I am an out door person.. farming..etc

Yours Sincerely Isabelle


I am Johnson from Malaysia, working as High School Teacher in Sabah for more then 25 years.  I am teaching Sports Science and Physical Education and also qualified coach for track and field, softball and also handball. Always involve in State and National level tournament.

Now I am divorce and planning to go abroad, and decided to work in Brunei.

Please guide me.


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