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Hi Nelson,

I only played one full season of actual ice hockey for a house team late in my teens, but played copious amounts of non-competitive floor and roller-hockey when I was in high-school.

Hi Jason,

I am from White Rock and have lived here on the island 14 years so I can answer any question you have. I was in the top 10% for RE/MAX in the world when I lived in Canada. I transferred those skills to the island and would be happy to help you out. I understand you would have a lot of questions and the best way to answer them, rather than wearing out my two finger tips :-) is a Facetime or Skype call. Have your list of questions ready and we can burn through them. Let me know a time that would work for you and we can set that up. I look forward to hearing from you.

yello! i'm katie, 31 from florida.
i've been browsing this forum for a little while and figured i'd join you guys. i'm not an ex-pat (yet) but travel to Roatan enough to seriously consider it. i'd love to live there during the "winter" months...take a break from the chilly Florida weather :) i'm hoping to learn a bit about running a business there and school for my daughter who is 8.

Hi, I bought in Roatan and hoped to start a business there.  I was ready to move forward and find my niche on the island only to be stopped by "professionals" who transacted the same deal.  To avoid my misfortunes, feel free to email me at *** with any questions and sharing of my story as I especially do not want this demise to happen to any other single women out there who entrust the people you hire.  God Bless and remember, there's a scam around every corner.  This site will not allow me to tell specifics.

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Goo day,
Did you move to Honduras? If yes, could you help me? Îm a Canadian who would like to live permanently in Honduras.
Thank you

Good day everyone,

Did you move to Honduras finally? I'm a French Canadian who would like to move permanently in Honduras so if you did the step to move, your advise could be great. Thank you!!!

Hello All,
New to
Older retired couple from Florida looking to make a move possibly to Roatan.
We have been on several cruises and have discussed moving.
Have visited Roatan and would like input.
Peace and God Bless

Any advice for someone (me) married to a Honduran for 30+Yrs, currently living in Chicago and want to get my Honduran passport.
I have read the law (in both languages) and visited the local consulate and I read that I am entitled to a passport/citizenship due to marriage. However, the consulate says I must do the residency route. The law says .."residency..OR..marriage", not both (as I read it).
Any advice or help?
Should I hire a lawyer there to help?
My plan is to visit occasionally and prepare for retirement there in a couple of years. I want to have my passport before I commit.


My husband is Honduran, and will be deported we just do not know when. Once he is there I will follow with our 2 young daughters and their service animals. I really do not know where to start. He really can not answer my questions he has been here for 18 years. and my in laws and my cunada do not understand where I'm coming from. I'm excited and see it as an adventure, but as a mother I'm worried. How are the schools, Doctors, will I be able to work as my husband is disabled due to a back injury. I have so many question and no one to give me answers or guidance. I'm thankful I found this group. TIA

My name is Mike King and I call home for now, Amarillo, Texas.  I have taught, coached, or been an administrator in public schools most of my life.  I was a tennis pro at many clubs before getting in to education.  I lived in St. Thomas, USVI for a brief stint and enjoyed the water and the weather very much and look forward to getting back to that climate.  I am trying to make this move to Roatan in 2019 and am excited to meet new people and new adventures!

What kind of business do you plan to open to help you?

I currently living and working in n Siguatepeque Honduras and I would like to know where are all the expats that I’ve been told live here?  Do they hang out anywhere or is it just hit and miss in public places?

Hola soy hondureño de la isla de roatan actual mente vivo en san francisco con mi esposa que es mexicana y estamos trabajando para en el 2019 ir nos a vivir a mi isla si necesitan una orientacion sobre la isla con mucho gusto les ayudo estoy asus ordenes

Banbam :

Hola soy hondureño de la isla de roatan actual mente vivo en san francisco con mi esposa que es mexicana y estamos trabajando para en el 2019 ir nos a vivir a mi isla si necesitan una orientacion sobre la isla con mucho gusto les ayudo estoy asus ordenes

Hi Banbam,

Since this an english speaking forum, could you please post in english only so that everyone can understand. To access the spanish forum you simply need to switch the flags in the top right corner on the banner.

Thank you


Gracias chris


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