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Hello everyone Nelson here from Canada.  I like boating, seadoos, traveling, beaches, theme parks and corvettes.  I live in a beach house on a lake but it gets cold here in the winter.  So I am looking for a reasonable priced beach vacation home or condo.  We have narrowed it down to honduras, Belize, hawaii, Florida.  The wife wants hawaii.  But I am looking for as cheap as possible with things to do.  I do like the cheap taxes of Honduras and the safety of hawaii.  Florida seems to be right in the middle.

Hi Nelson!

You sound a lot like me - Canadian,  I like boating, seadoos (I get bored with them fast), traveling, beaches, theme parks and corvettes (loved mine).  I lived in a beach house near the ocean in White Rock but it got cold there in the winter. Not nearly as cold as Calgary though:-)

I did extensive travel and research before moving to Roatan, HN. Belize was too small, flat and dirty if you want beach. Hawaii is way too expensive (my brother lives there). Florida (and Belize) are in the hurricane belt So that excluded them. Incredibly high insurance and property taxes in Florida wipes out any good deal that could be found.

That left Honduras and especially Roatan. The only taxes you will pay here is property tax which will be a few hundred dollars a year. (Moderated: no free ads on the forum pls + register in the business directory )

Hi i love santa fe..I use to go there in summer :)

We love La Ceiba, very inexpensive and we can visit the Islands whenever we want!


My husband Bob and I came to Roatan for the first time last spring for 10 days and stayed in West Bay at Fosters. We fell in love with the gentle and kind islanders, the serene way of life, the beautiful and warm sea, the snorkeling, the food....ok everything! Bob surprised me by extending our stay another 4 days and once again I fell in love with him all over again for being so amazing! Within those 4 days we decided to look at what was for sale in our price range, not really thinking anything would materialize. Now a year later we are proud owners of a cabana in Sundancer, Sandy Bay!! We have named it: The Best Day Ever. Some family members think we acted impulsively (we did), overextended our finances (we did), and that we are a tad crazy (we are). In our first 3 weeks adjusting to island living we have made so many new friends, snorkeled daily off our dock, supported a wonderful organization at a Mardi Gras Fundraiser for:Roatan Because We Care (Nadia and Abraham, 2 amazing people), bought incredible fruits and veggies and seafood from locals off their trucks, purchased some island, so many beautiful moments, hence the cabana name, The Best Day Ever. Grateful for this blessing of an island and our chance to reside here. Would love to meet more expats living in Roatan! Thanks!

Welcome to the island! It sounds like you will fit in very nicely!

Best of Life!

Edward du Monceaux


  I am 47 and I love warm weather and the water. I love sports, Enjoy playing more that watching. I have 4 kids all young adults, last one graduates next year from High school. Will be having a empty nest and I am looking forward to a new life and new adventures.. I am a ER nurse and love it. Have always want to own a hotel or B&B. I would go crazy if I didnt have something to do, I am ADHD so I have to be doing something all the time..  I am putting my house up for sale this week and when it sales I'm off to... I have a little money so I must work where ever I go..
I have so many questions...

Hi, everyone.
i am from Pakistan 29 years old looking forward to get & give some information on this blog.
Have a great day
Fida Bhayo

I taught for 2 years in Michigan and now I'll be moving to a town just outside Tegucigalpa to teach high school math and a private school.  My husband is coming as well to teach Bible classes.  We're really excited and a lot of basics (housing, orientation) are being provided for us, but I'd like to have access to others who have already been there, done that for advice.

There are many options for a Bed and Breakfast along the coast, some of them on operation and others not, starting from 250k

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Careful not to go off topic, this thread is for New members of the Honduras forum to introduce themselves. ;)
If you have any other questions, you can create a new thread in the Honduras forum for more visibilities.

Thank you for your comprehension,

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I LOVE MY NATIVE COUNTRY....HONDURAS.   However, never visited Roatan....But I feel proud enough to know....Is a very famous Island almost in the whole world.

Welcome to enjoy our beautiful Island of Roatan.


We are retired high school teachers, looking for a place to retire.  We have narrowed it down to Honduras, Nicaragua, and Ecuador.  We are not young, and want a life that is less hectic than we have led.  Ideally, we would find a little house on a little land and grow a little garden, maybe some fruit trees, too.  We are concerned, however, about things like gangs, extortion, and other crimes.  Not that the USA has a good record there, especially lately.  I want to hear whatever anyone who lives there wants to tell, as long as it is your honest experience and opinion.

We lived in Oklahoma and Texas all our lives, back and forth between the two, but have traveled a little, like to the UK, and to Mexico, to Canada multiple times, and most of the states in the US.

We like to fish, bow hunt, kayak, and try new restaurants.  Gardening is in my DNA - flowers, veggies, fruits, houseplants  - whatever.  We would like to see more of the world before we die.

Hi,  Welcome to your new life enjoying your retirement.

I'm a Native Honduran....Living in California for 42 years.....And travel to Honduras once a year to enjoy my vacation home.  If you are looking for a niece, peaceful place to live....I recommend my Native Town.....SAN MARCOS DE COLON, DEPT. DE CHOLUTECA.  A small tow with about 45,000 people population.  We have a Baptist College Directed by American People.  It is beautiful here.  We are about 10 minutes from the Border of Nicaragua, Central America.  Life is fairly cheap here.  I love it here.


Hello, their Terry, I am Noddy from la Ceiba, Honduras.You are making a great decision on looking for places here at Honduras it's a really amazing country to spend vacations and retirements.Any help you need about my country I love helping you.

I'm a new missionary in Copan, Honduras. I love it here and love the people. I'm retired and have been going to language school. People have told me that older people have a hard time learning. Funny thing, I've prayed for the Holy Spirit's help and am excelling in Spanish. My family here (I've been adopted and am called Uncle Tim) tells me that by Christmas, I will be fluent. I really work hard at learning the language.

Recently, I met a beautiful lady here. I've hoped to find someone but wasn't expecting it to happen. I always thought I would have to "settle" if I got married. My friend has the most wonderful heart. She has been alone for 7 years because she said she was waiting for the right person to come along. With her, it seems that I'm getting a special gift. She is ready to move quickly but wisdom tells me that I should take it slow. This is going to be an adventure.

Good for you Tim.  Welcome to Honduras.  Roatan, One of our most beautiful and famous Island around the world.
Good also for our Lord Care for you.  You already found your "Significant Other"....That is GREAT!
Living alone is not a goo advice for no body.  May God bless your New Relationship.

Sincerely Yours \

Sorry Tim,  I just noticed you're in Copan, not in Roatan. I've heard "Copan" Is also beautiful.  Never been there.

Thanks Alpina - Copan is beautiful. I love the people here. I'm very blessed in so many ways. Finding someone special is great. I've been content being single but have longed for the right person. It looks like the wait is paying off. Thanks for the blessings!

Hello all I am a young 75 year old male and I am intested in Imagrating to La Cieba, is it pretty safe there for Expats and can you tell me the approximate cost of living for a non drinker non smoker that likes to fish and play golf.

Hola.....That's as close to bilingual as we are at the time.  You wouldn't think so with us living in Tucson.  We would like to escape the desert and find a tropical paradise.  Fell in love with the Island from our research but still need to visit. 

We do need to work in country.  My husband is a certified welder, currently working in an open pit mine so not afraid of hard work.  I have been in the Food and Bev biz for 30 years but currently taking in easy, also not afraid of hard work.

We look forward to hearing from all.

Hello, My wife and I are working on moving to Roatan. We have been a few times and are going to open a bank account there in feb 2016. Would love to here from anyone living there now. I love to cook and we are thinking of opening a cafe/bar.


I have lived on Roatan for 14 years now and can help you. Have you purchased a place here yet? If so, where? The challenge with opening a new bar is finding a location. It is often easier to buy an existing business, if available, with a lease in place.

Best of Life!


Thanks for the reply. We have not bought a place yet but have looked at houses/property. We are still a few years away from making it happen, but are determined to do it asap. Please keep in touch! Nice to meet you!


No problem. I love to help out. I have been in real estate here for 14 years and we have an MLS so I can inform, sdvise and represent you on any property on the island. When you are ready let me know and I can provide you with a lot of information.

Best of Life!


Don't know how I got here.  I want to move to Iceland!!!

Hi everyone. my name is Jennifer and my husbands name is jim. we have visited roatan a few times , Jim being there 3 times and myself 2 times. we have decided to retire to roatan and would appreciate any advice we could get. we are currently living in calgary alberta Canada.  our plan is to retire in roatan by the end of 2017. we look forward to meeting new friends and hearing from people who have been there along time or just a short time. Thanks, Jen and Jim.

it's me again. I forgot to mention jim scuba dives and snorkels. me on the other hand has just learnt to snorkel on our holiday to anthonys key last month. pretty good for some one who doesn't swim.

Hello - I am going to Roatan, for the first time in December. I too am considering re-location in that area.  Let us keep in touch, as it good to have some contacts/friends there.
I am living in the USA (Colo). I just got back from Copan, in Honduras; what a magical place. *

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I learned to snorkel in my early 40's - it is my most favorite hobby. I am not a strong swimmer but with fins, and some practice - I am quite comfortable in the sea (calm and warm).

Hi Peggy, Jen here from Canada.  We just got back from a week at Anthonys Key Resort. My husband was there twice before, and me this was my second time, but first time actually spending more then one day there.  We are planning on retiring to Roatan next year.  We checked out a few places while we were there last month and hoping to go back in the spring if possible, but definitely planning on living there by this time next year. Let's keep in touch.  Jen

I just learnt how to snorkel while at the Key.  I am scared of deeper water and can't swim, so I learnt the snorkeling in the pool. It was great and next trip I am ready to try some shore dives for snorkeling. My husband is the scuba diver of the two of us. Jen

Hi Thina, we are new to the forum. We are planning our retirement in Roatan and would love to keep in touch with people wanting to retire/work there. Jen

I heard that resort is going to turn into one of the grade isn resorts for swingers?  Is this true?


hi there, I have no idea if that is true.  Didn't appear to be heading that way when we were there. A lot of people there with no children and I guess all ages. Didn't see any swingers there.  So for now as we saw it its not a swingers place. We really like it there, if you were talking about AKR.

Hello everyone!

I am, of course, new to the forum and as recommended am here to introduce myself!  My name is Jason, I hail from the Vancouver area of BC Canada and my family and I are very interested in figuring out how to start a new life on Roatan.

We are not of retirement age yet so would be looking to earn our way on the island, be that by running our own business or by employment.  I am currently a Registered Building Official and also have 8+ years of Architectural drafting experience.  My wife has lots of retail experience, including management, and now works for a financial institution.  Our kids are 10yrs old (twins) and unfortunately none of us speaks very much Spanish though we are quite happy to learn!

I am very detail oriented and want to know as much as possible about what a move to Roatan would entail.  Cost of living, cost of moving, cost of construction, cost of schooling and healthcare and anything else you can think of!  I love the idea of building a reasonable 3 bedroom home on a larger lot and perhaps a few cabanas for vacation rentals.   Any and all information, links to websites etc. would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!

Did you use to play hockey?

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