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Hi all,

Newbie on the Honduras forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Honduras if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello everyone! This is Terry from Fayetteville North Carolina. I'm retired US Air Force man looking for a a nice place in Honduras to hang out in. I do speak some Spanish, but want to learn more. Also would like to meet friends there to hang out with. My hobby is smoking good a Honduras cigars! Really enjoy being in a plaza and droning coffee and smoking a fine Sancho Panza cigar! Hope to get around and visit many places there and find a place to live at some point in the future! I'm an easy going type of man and live to have a good conversation! Hope to see you all soon! Terry

Honduras, is a beautiful, beautiful Country.  Like any other Country, people just have to be careful where they choose to live. One important thing, not to trust just any one.  Expat-blog Is a great Organization, to ask for guidance in what ever field you may have doubts.  Let Expat-blog be your advisor.

I'm from Honduras, Immigrated to this Great Country (USA) 40 years ago.  I'm retired now, and sometimes I would love to retire in Honduras for good.  Just coming to USA, maybe once a year.

The tranquility we need to live healthy and longer years, we find it in places like Honduras.

I'm looking for a beautiful place, where I can smoke my cigars with coffee! A place that is not moving so fast!

This is Terry again! Just wanted to add that I'm a good natured type of man, one that likes meeting people and making new friends. I usually hang out at Barns and Noble book stores drinking coffee and reading magazines! Also conversing with friends there as well. Will be looking for a special spit to just enjoy a cup of good Honduras coffee and smoke my great Honduras cigars!

Thanks. We are closing on our retirement and want to run away from the snow in Canada. Looking for a spot in HonduraS ( may be). Do not speak Spanish but eager to learn. Love cigars and good coffee, beach and palm trees and easy, no stress, lifestyle.

Honduras has a lot to offer.

Honduras, Is a beautiful country.  One of the perfect countries for retired people, looking for tranquility in their lives.

I hope you find in Honduras your dreamed place to settle.

I have never been to Honduras, but I did purchase a lot in Trujillio beach eco development last year.
I would like to build a monolithic home there, when the time comes.

Hello Lilly! I'm sure your home will be a nice one. Just make sure you have a beach view!  That would really be nice! I will be going that way some time in the near future. I want to see the old Spanish fort in Amoa! Will be looking for a place to live in the northeast some place. All the best, Terry

Hi!  My husband grant and I are coming to la ceiba on April 12, we are staying at la ceiba beach club and will be looking for property.  Really looking forward to getting to the honduras and really hope it leads to a new home for us.  If anyone lives at the beach club! I would appreciate some feedback on life in la ceiba.


Not many of La Ceiba Beach Club home or beach lot owners visit this site. I guess they are too busy soaking in the sun and enjoying the beach breezes LOL or having a few rums at the large tiki hut or community pool.

See you soon

Chris Barrett - Your connection to Honduras

life at La Ceiba is great many restaurant and great shopping plaza anything you need you can find and if there something special you want made if you can imagine it they will make for you and pricing is unbelievably low . I no longer live there i have our place for sale We need to return to canada to look after my husband elderly dad.Hope you enjoy your stay and find what your looking for

sincerely rob sue sweet


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I have reserved a lots in the new Njoi Santa Fe development. Coming down in May to have a look at it. Getting a little nervous with all of the talk regarding crime, people getting ripped off etc. Has anyone gone through the process with Njoi at their Trujillo project? Can you offer some advice?

Darlene how is your stay in La Ceiba going ? Weather has been great over the past few days. Looks like rain is coming though

We have been in la ceiba for 4 days and I have to say , it really is a piece of paradise here.  The people have been wonderful and friendly, we feel comfortable, welcomed and relaxed.  Chris Barrett and his beautiful wife , Sugey are fabulous,real people .  If anyone is considering making a move a strongly recommend coming here and checking it out.

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[Moderated: no free ad on the forum please + register in the business directory > Real estate in Honduras ]

Outdoor living is where it's at. Another thing to ad is mosquitoes for some reason don't like so much to go high in the air

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actually I already live in Honduras and have been here for almost 8 years in the highlands with my partner, building a dwelling and farm. I am curioius about ecuador however, and planning to go and check it out. kate

Hello everyone 
My name is David i am not new to the but am new to the Honduras Forum and have been reading about the cost of living there and other things i havent made any definite plans but i thought i might like to visit there in the future.   

                                                                                                   Thanks David1946

Hi my name is stephanie and I am here trying to learn as much as I can about honduras....  I have been dating my honduran boyfriend for four years now.... and now that we talking about marriage he would like for us to spend a year in honduras first and this idea excites me but at the same time I am very nervous because I have never been out of the united states before

You need to know where you will be staying... And what's around that area.

I know that it is progreso yoro but I don't know anything about the area

That's a small town 15 minutes or so from San Pedro. Has mall, bars and a few nice areas. Pretty cool place.

I have small children I would be taking with me is it fairly safe there

Yes. Just be smart.

Buenas mi amigos.
I just scrolled thru all the comments. LOTS of questions abound in here !
I am an xpat that has been residing and working full time in Honduras, particularly Roatan of the Bay Islands (Isla de la Bahias) for the past 17 years.(Moderated: no free ad on the forum pls + register in the business directory)
Yes, Honduras is a GREAT country to live in. BUT there is also A LOT to learn in making a move to a developing country. Please do your homework  and then spend some time here (minimum of a few months) before burning any bridges behind you.  Hasta Luego !

Bozey, I am curious to hear how your trip faired in May during your visit to Honduras. Was it a good experiance?

Speaking of "the mainland".. There are a lot of opportunities for retirement, work and vacations. When persons around the world listen or hear Anything about Honduras they first think... Bad country mainland. Second thought is Bay Islands. Then, there is vacations, dreams and island living...

Meet foreigners that live ... On the mainland... Live on the islands the make a decision BUT after.... Seeing who they are and why they offer their thoughts. If anyone wants to discuss this in detail OM me or carry on here.

But..... I hate paid posters and fake usernames..

Hi everybody,

This is to inform you that this topic is for the introduction of the new members :)

If you want to discuss on other topics related to expatriation, i suggest you to create a new thread please. Let's keep this thread for the introduction of the members only.

I will like to thank all those who have introduced themselves here. :)

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Priscilla  :cheers:

If the last 2 comments were directed at me, please accept my apology. I am new here and guess I lost track of the "Introduction" criteria when I read all the wide array of posts asking questions about Honduras. And sorry if my username is not acceptable.  smh

Hello all. My name is Paul and I will be moving to central america this time next year. Im hoping to sail between costa rica and roatan every three months, visas willing of course. Any info on roatan would be welcome. Its one thing reading the official websites but real time info is hard to find.
Many thanks.

:cheers:  Hi Everyone! I'm Cathy, the newbie.  I have been researching Honduras (Trujillo and Roatan) to open a business and live there. Any info, suggestions, comments, help, ideas are welcome! (lets do that on a different thread)  I was there in August of this year and it is soooo beautiful! Ttys  :cheers:

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I am comming in april 2015 to met a friend staying for three weeks if all goes well if friend i would like to move there but my concern is finding a job i drive truck in us

I think you may try starting your own company.

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