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We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Belize if you are planning to move there.

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Hi All!
Great site with lots of useful advice! I will be coming to Belize in the future as a potential retirement location. It is very high on my list of potential places. I will take everyones advice and visit before just moving. This makes huge sense before such a move. I have done tons of research on the net. I will take any advice that anyone has to offer through their own process. Interested in medical and housing ect. Thank you in advance for all your wealth of knowledge.

Belize would be a wonderful place to retire. But Belize is not for people who expect the western life style.
You can up to a limit.
Belize do not produce too many goods (except Agricultural). Everything has to be imported ,that create a problem.
To make a decision before moving it is a good idea to spend time in Belize.

Can you explain what would be the Belizian Lifestyle? I assume it means leaving the materialism behind to live a slower, simpler life. Everything I've read so far seems like it would just be a poorer, less materialistic life.

The life in Belize is not the same with western life style?  So, it does not have abundant industrial goods, but the  agricultural food may be good. A peaceful life close to nature. I am a foreign guy and want to travel to America someday.

The natural foods and lack of industry is very much appealing to me.  Foods in the US have been genetically modified and packed full of chemicals and processed poisons.  Most countries have banned or dont allow such additives. It is not without pesticides.  All of which the body doesn't tolerate and are unable to digest. Whole foods sound great and a simple lifestyle sound awesome.  Cant wait to get there and see for myself someday.  It would be great to eat the way god intended...naturally!

Hi everybody,

Just to point out that this topic has been created for new members to introduce themselves and to talk about their projects in Belize.
As you are talking about the lifestyle in Belize, i would rather ask you to create a new thread on the Belize forum to discuss about it. :)

Thank you to come back on the initial subject of this thread :top:

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I am Sanne and I'm new on this forum. My boyfriend and I are from the Netherlands and we are moving to Belize in may.  I've never been to Belize before, so I'm very excited! We're both entrepreneurs and I'm studying to get my personal trainer certificate. We're planning for a long term stay in Belize and the first month we'll reside in Placencia.

I love to cook, I even had my own recipe website for a while. And I'm currently maintaining a recipe section on a fitness blog. So I'm very curious about all the new ingredients and recipes I can try. If you have some good recipes or must try ingredients/food please share them with me!

I lived and worked  as a medical  professional in Belize for nearly five years. It is not an understatement that it is the rectum of Central America. Do not be mislead by glossy adverts. Not at all a good place to retire but certainly fine for visitation. Shabby infrastructure, pathetic telecommunications and internet, roads, electricity etc. Most expensive overall in the region, sub WHO standard medical care, violent crime rampant (not just Belize City) and among the most corrupt governments on the planet. And much more.

My husband and I are interested in the Cayes.

Thank you for your honesty, Dr Al. All of the problems you mentioned are danced around in the "Come to Belize" books I've been reading. You are the first person brave enough to say it. But I wonder if certain areas might be more hopeful than others?

Hi I'm Luc , I just want to get out of the cold once retired my wife and I still have at least seven years to go before retiring but we are slowly preparing for the moment so we purchased a lot at sanctuary belize after visiting

Sanctuary Belize is a big mistake. Long on glitz and short on promises. Convicted felon heavily involved at top level. Promises for a clinic, general store, and airport will not come to fruition. This combined with the already shoddy infrastructure in Belize makes SB unsatisfactory retirement destination. What you have bought is a pile of tropical dirt.

Wow pretty neg what's you're story pal ! Tell me tell me !!

Wow read you're story sounds pretty bad you probably have reason to hate Belize but have you seen sanctuary belize no dogs no garbage and about 20 beautiful homes owned by CANADIANS AND Americans mostly also pretty far off from Corozal in the north but SB is in the south and between the mountains and the sea , the lot I bought has beautiful pine trees and palms , the road is already there and they are installing the hydro line and the water mains I feel pretty good about it , I have a few properties and one is in the Philippines and I must say that Belize has a better feel for safety and is also closer to Canada as for the power there are a few ways to rectify with the tech we have today if SB does everything they say they will do and it looks like they will this is going to be a lot of fun cheers!!

Boy you are a piece of work. Prime SB target material. As I said I have lived and worked there for several years and have visited the SB site but three years ago.I have in a medical capacity been involved with the former deputy PM and Min of Health. You are truly in dream land if you think Belize esp SB is a good relocation spot. Poor research on your part. Happens. I will tell u in 7 years nothing will change. Murphy's Law was invented in Belize. SB has marketing geniuses working for them. But the reality of Belize cannot be sequestered in some far flung corner. Indeed it will be worse. If you depend on everything SB says then u deserve to be parted from your money.
Just sayin.

You should read M ushers notes ,but we will see , ps not the first time I have been told I'm crazy but I have done well with my gut feelings  thanks !

Hello! I have been interested in relocating to Belize for AGES now!  The scuba and snorkeling lifestyle interest me the most; however, I could be content in the mountains also.  As long as I am in a spot near water.  I like the coolness of the mountains, but desire near access to the ocean to snorkel or scuba.  I'm excited also about the access to various fresh fruits and vegetables. I'm considering the Cayo, Corozal, or maybe Punta Gorda areas.  Any imput or advice would be appreciated.  Rentals in the $300 - 450 range would be suitable.  I've also read to where many people find the best places to live by word of mouth (once they are there). It would be ideal to have a place in the mountains, and be not too far from the beach.  Thanks.

Since you love scuba and snorkeling  Hopkins and Placentia  sound good.

Thanks Spiceman   :heart:  Yes, those two areas I have heard about and considered! My one concern would be not having access to a medication (injection) that is very expensive here... and that I get a huge discount on.  Wondering how much it would cost in Belize.....

If you let me know by private mail ,the name of Med I can give you an idea about the cost in Belize

Thank you Dr Sunshine

Thank You dr. Sunshine

I will get back to you soon, sorry for the delay

Hello All

We are from Canada my name is Shelly my husband is Keith. We are wanting a simpler life back to basics is what we want now the kids are grown! I feel as though we've taken care of them now we need to take care of us. Keith is a jack of all trades! Specialize in Aluminium siding and Reno's. I'm a Focusing Orientated Trauma Therapist!  Wondering if we can make it work in Belize. We are wanting to head out for a visit sooner then later.  Does anyone have any idea if we could make it work. With our occupations

There are many postings on this forum about working in Belize. Foreigners have to get work permit or become residents before working. (please review other postings) I am sure many have done just that. Many skills are needed in Belize. Both of you fall in to that category.
Life may be simple in Belize .This depends on what kind of life you choose. If you want all the amenities that are available in Canada ,then staying in Belize become expensive .

I  have made  enquiries, still waiting for some answers. One physician told me to call  several pharmacies for a drug you cannot find.Another option is to go to chetumal and buy enough supply to last for a while.I will keep you posted
as fore informations are available .

Thanks.. you've been so helpful  :gloria

I'm not sure where I want to live I'VE been looking at loja eqador and  belize

Hi everyone,
Planning a move in the next couple of years. I have all basic expat, cost of living, whether to rent or buy eventually, etc.
All help is greatly appreciated:)

Belize is far and away the most expensive country in the region of C.A. and Mex. Amenities and commodities pale in comparison to Panama or Costa Rica. Electricity is also the most costly as is internet which is the slowest. Crime is not just allocated to Belize City and  poverty and corruption at all levels exceeds that of most except for Honduras and El Salvador. Medical care is very basic and 911 is a joke. Roads and overall infrastructure are grim even by third world standards.
Belize is near dead last on the international living retirement index for 2014.
I lived there for 4+ years and only DIY Republican minimalists who revel in living in the Wild West find it appealing. Certainly not a place for the average retiree.

thank you Dr. Al. I will look towards panama and costa rica.

Dr Al what is wrong with Republican Minimalist?
What isa minimalist. I will google it and see what will come up. I am afraid I may fit in to that mould I just want to make sure

I found it Dr Al  in

I have been living in South Belize since 1990. I had no idea it is this bad!

That is because you are a DIY Republican minimalist. Let me 'splain.
DIY: "Job done by one man using one tool and a bag of nuts." In Belize you need to be skilled in plumbing, electric, roof repair, terminate extermination, and are able to rebuild a transmission. If you call a local for help, he will say "right now" or "directly". That's means anytime between now and a week later. This depends on him repairing his truck, taking mom to the dentist, recovering from a hangover or going fishing.
Minimalist: you go into a bar. You ask for a beer. You do not expect to hear "what kind? "
Republican: able to turn a blind eye to suffering and poverty. Happy to live behind walls with crushed glass and window bars. Believes that strong government ensuring a cohesive social fabric is communist or French.
just sayin..

First of all thank you for confirming I am a "DIY republican minimalist". I had my doubts!! You have labeled me with minimum info.
"job done by man …..using skill…..) Something wrong with acquiring skills?
Have you ever felt a satisfaction when completing a job successfully  in which you thought you lacked enough expertise?
"Right now" - Yes I have heard it many times and yes the person who said it not to be seen for a while.
But how about trying to make a change in behavior and teach them (without patronizing) that they should mean what they say. These habits will take time to change. Be patient ,do your share (like some of my liberal friends might say)
"minimalist"  I did a modest research and I think I may like to be called a "minimalist" may be a modified minimalist since there are so many versions of minimalists. I do not see anything wrong with being a minimalist. But again thanks for enlightening. I had no idea.
"Beer -what kind" -sorry did not get a chance to drink or study types of beer  -had to go to school and after graduation had to work. Besides I have heard beer makes your belly grow. But I got the point
"Republican" yes few may fit in to your "classification" of a "republican"
I believe personal responsibility is the ideology on which Republican party is built on. Is there anything wrong with personal responsibility? This along with compassion to our less fortunate brethren  make one a good citizen any where. You can call him a republican or any other name you wish.
Republicans also do not believe their more inefficient than efficient Government should spend their hard earned money more than they absolutely must.
Using tax money (under the disguise of public service) for the purpose of winning the election is more than a sin.
I had started small farm (with the money I earned working in US (sometimes working 72 hrs straight) in Golden Stream with a handful of employees. I did this because of my love for Tropical farming .
We expanded our farm (again using money from US) and now may be a medium size business (May be the only one within 50 miles radius). It will be a longtime before I will get my money back -may be never.
But right now we employ 32  to 50 full time to part time employees,Help them put food on the table . we started Agro tourism, another 3 people got job. So what will you call it free enterprise ? Exploitation? Can a Govt (so called strong Government) do any better than this. I call myself a money manager do the job efficiently (Even though I lose money)
Nothing big ever is efficient  . Example Government
Public School system…..etc etc. Just look at the waste they cause. It does not matter, they did not work for the money they spent lavishly. They don,t need to work hard either. Who is going to fire them.
"Strong Government" -This scares me . Going back in history we had so many "strong Governments" in many Countries. We still have some.  Would you like to live under the conditions dictated by some of these "strong" governments?
"Cohesive Social fabric" - This  really confuses me . Is it like one size fit all or is it like each one of us responsible for our brother (I have no problem with that, up to a limit) dictated by the Big Brother?
You live in the first world and you may qualify as a citizen of the first world . I guess this means you are educated,live in a nice neighborhood with far less crime than in Belize,Drive a nice car in pot hole free roads etc etc. You may be punctual and have a good command in vocabulary,have the etiquette and manners.
Belize  fall in to the category of third world . This status will go with everything you are constantly complaining about on this Forum. You can do something about it (not easy) ,giving a helping hand with your knowledge ,skills and first world behavior or just….
I almost forgot ,it is hard to do any of these from Canada. So complaining or putting down people is much easier.
By the way please research who are the most philanthropists in the world Conservatives or… , Republicans or ….
Who did most for poor people (including liberating slaves ) in USA.
I can go on. But I believe this is long enough ,besides something tells me I am wasting my time.
I like you but I will shut up on this topic ,just trying to set an example.

nice one; right hook, to that wonderful positive guy from Sudbury of land OF rocks.

It has been my observation that anyone who has a commercial interest in the BRB (Banana Republic of Belize) be it tourism( includes Agro) relocation, photography, real estate etc cannot be objective about relocation there and suffer from Rose Colored Glass Syndrome. So having a debate becomes redundant and abortively pedantic.
I gave a lot to the BRB during my four year sentence there, but as long as the GOB remains a nepotistic plutocratic oligarchy as opposed to a socialist democracy  nothing will change. You republican types will never get that.
As for your enterprise  I submit that the wages received by your  workers do not reflect the full value of their work, because some of that value is taken by you  in the form of profit. (In the absence of profit sharing). Therefore, "making a profit" essentially means taking away from the workers some of the value that results from their labor. This is what is known as capitalist exploitation. And doing so in an impoverished 3rd world country amounts to colonialism.
As for the topic of retirement Belize is fine for cowboys, fugitives and eccentric right wingers. Everyone else should pick up some basic Spanish and consider Mexico or Ecuador.

Sorry Al,no response,Hard to talk to loud mouth self righteous liberals . May be North Korea may fit your retirement plan,no Exploitation there!
Seem like you had a lot of bad experiences during your tenure in Belize,wonder what made you come to Belize. You do not have one good thing to talk about Belize or the people there.  Are you really helping anybody?  Wonder if you have helped anybody in Belize for that matter anywhere. I will try not to read your postings -But you are there almost every day. Obviously you have a lot of free time. Consider taking up a hobby?  Some times medications help. But you need to take them regularly.

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