New members of the Peru forum, introduce yourself here

looking foward to meeting people from different countries to share experiences, and to help foreign people about way of living here.,

i would like to meet people who are interested in exchanging knowledge in national and international cuisine

Samraat,,,,where are you from?

Are there people with same interests of mine? : english, russian language, ecology, environmental management, water quality management,  cousine, travel,

i am peruvian, and i would like to know people who live in English countries , for example in Canada,  New Zealand, Australia,  and to know how to apply for a job in those countries, and to practice english.,..


I'm currently living in Chile, I moved here over a year ago to build a distillery. Silly me!
Going to Barranco/Miraflores next week, to look for a new place and meet some new friends.
That's already ahead of my experience in Chile.
Hope to meet you there!

Bobby Joe here. Planning on making the move next week. Retired and explored a bit. I spent a little while in Columbia and started learning Spanish there. Then I bought a sailboat in California, refurbished it, lived on it and sailed it a little while. Sold the boat, Now I am ready to make the leap: move to Peru and live out my retirement there. I find life healthier for me in South America with all the fresh ingredients and cleaner air. I hope to meet some of you soon.

I am planning to live and find work in Peru.
For now, I am gathering information on how it is to live and work in Peru for an expat.
Would appreciate if anyone can give some tips and guide in exploring Peru like the people, accommodation, daily life, finding work etc. Thanks

Friends , Good afternnon, How are you? i hope everything was good. i am from India,(kollkata). Last  3 years i lived in peru, now i want to move england,(london). so please can you tell me some way to UK, like -for live, job,. here i was jobed department Quality Assurance. behind this i am chef also(but only india food, if  you want so you can search google-"indian restaurant Blessed Mother") so now for enter any job i will do,
And i donot have too much idea about uk, so i am waitng for your answer...

Have a good day...


Name is Andrew and just moved to Lima from Australia. Plan to be in Lima up to Christmas learning Espanol, then off travling for a bit. Colombia, Ecuador and Northern Peru.

Keen to do some weekend exploring around Lima, and nearby districts before then.


Hi Everyone

Recently arrived from Australia to Lima. Only have two months in Lima and getting use to the pace of life.

Still looking for a job and make Peru my new home.



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