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Hi all,

Newbie on the Denmark forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Denmark if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Good morning all ,
living in a village near Fredensborg, North Zealand . Originally from London, England.
Started life as a member of the " Common Eight Theatre Company " , but have spent most of my working life in sales and marketing, which is still what a do now, as I have a small company here.
Moved to denmark 2 years ago, but have been visiting DK since 1989. Happy to offer any help I can to newly arrived members.
Always enjoy following the, so keep posting.
Anyway , wishing you all well, and I hope you are enjoying the Spring weather.

Regards, Kevin

Hi! Every body,
I am social worker by profession, having 14 years of experience with several India based National and International          ( World Vision India, Emmanuel Hospital Association, Child link India foundation & Restore India), development/ charity organisation. having heard so much about DK, I also feel like migrating to DK, but with a matching/suitable job in hand. Looking forward to learn from you guys .
Deepak Daniel

Fortunately wish to come to Denmark for continuing my studies by making quality of education as well as increasing my skiils as reason why i want to come to Denmark and for job opportunities.
thank you for your consideration



I am a spanish scientist that is moving on March 30 to Copenhagen with my girlfriend because she is going to do her postdoc there, and I am going to look for a lab for me also. We are very ecited about the change but we have a lot of questions about burocracy in Denmark. Also we are trying to find an apartment to live in and we are realizing how hard it could be. Hope we could find some help in this blog, we would be very appreciated. Have a nice day!

Hej hej  :)

is gonna be hard, by no means. Pos docotors education.. no probs. Findng a place to live and you finding a place to settle hardwork..difficult to sat the least. I wish you the best

Hi everyone.

I am from hungary an now I am  living in Copenhagen.
I worked as a marketing assistant. My original profession is DTP operator.  now I Don't know where do I start here in Copenhagen. I am seeking for a cleaner, dishwasher, cleaner jobs or anything in this category. I think that is the way to start here.
My hobbies are Tennis, Football and being with friends, but these things do not matter until I can get by in this Country.:-)

I'm Domingo an italian guy who expat 2 years ago to Copenhagen and I'm a chef de cousine .....
i love DK and i love Copenhagen .
Somebody into hospitality on the forum  ?


I'm Andrea a Spanish nurse of 24 living in aarhus since February! Looking for learn Danish and for some work here!

Hi!! I'm also Spanish but living in aarhus!
I arrived on February also with a lot of doubts!!
As I read you are going to look for a job here aren't you?

rorrogoodman :


I am a spanish scientist that is moving on March 30 to Copenhagen with my girlfriend because she is going to do her postdoc there, and I am going to look for a lab for me also. We are very ecited about the change but we have a lot of questions about burocracy in Denmark. Also we are trying to find an apartment to live in and we are realizing how hard it could be. Hope we could find some help in this blog, we would be very appreciated. Have a nice day!

Hej hej  :)

Hi everyone.

I am from India.
I am working as a IT Profession in chennai, India.
I am willing to immigrant to denmark and i am looking for a good consultant who can assist for immigration.

Hi, i'm Marco from Milano, Italy, i'm planning of leaving soon :)
Wish you all the best! Hope I will meet a lot of people here!

hello mr. kevin,

i hope to migrate denmark. if you can help me to migrate there, it'll be a great help to me.

sri lanka.

Hi all,

I am Jack, I'm going to move to Copenhagen to be with my danish girlfriend this summer. I'm really excited but very nervous since I don't have a great grasp of the language and am not sure where to start in terms of getting a job. I've joined so I can get to know people who might have gone through something similar, and just to make new friends and like minded people who are also in Denmark

Hi everyone.

I am Alpár and I'm an ethnic Hungarian from Romania.
Was an exchange student here from 2012 to 2013, finished Civil Engineering with double degree.

Denmark was my first longer "expat" experience, and it was one of the best time of my life so far. So I decided to come back and experience some more.
Currently I am looking for temp jobs in order to make a living, learn the language. I am aiming also for jobs in my field (construction, structural design), but it takes time and a great amount of luck to find something.

The backdrop of the Exchange student experience is that when you go back home, so do all your friends. That happened to me as well, and coming back now is an entirely  different experience.
Thus I would like to get to know new people, make new friends and enjoy my stay here.

I anyone can help me with jobs, I would appreciate it.
But, as I said, I'd like to make new friends. So if you feel like it, you are welcome to write me ;)

Cheers! :)

iam naresh kumar from india... please any one telle m about the denmark greencard processing time...

hai dude i can help you out....

Hai brother ... can i come with this profile with out any fear..... but i want to come there... pls guide me...?

Hi, We recently moved to Denmark and live outside Copenhagen. I was born here but spent the last 25 years in the US, and completed, among other things, a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Ohio University. I now have a private practice in central Copenhagen (petermacfarlane.DK) with a special interest in expat issues, and have also seen a lot of students.  Its great to be home in Denmark again, but man, do I miss some things about the states, like trader joes, starbucks, affordable cars and gas, etc. I try to not be too materialistic, however...  VH Peter

can you come to my inbox please brother  my mail id sathyamsc87[at]

Hello i am Elis,I am 22years old I live In Greece for 18years my nationality is Albanian, And I want To
Move on Denmark, For Study's (NeuroPsychology) Work(carpenter,housepainter) i am not skilled worker and i am worry
about if i can find a Job in DK, With out Danish Language :/ I speak and communicate in 3 languages and i try to Danish also :D,Thanks for all the work here in this forum guys!!,ah i wish to move in DK!!!!

Oh please dont mention Starbucks, ...sometimes I have to drive from fredensborg to the airport just to get a Starbucks Latte !

Hello all,

i was born and raised in South Africa but lived in London for 14 years until my arrival here in Denmark last Thursday. I moved here with my Danish wife and 9 month old son in order to be closer to family here in Esbjerg.
I work in IT and i'm looking forward to getting stuck into Danish lessons soon!

Hello, if many thanks. This blog I find very useful for those who are not fully informed of situations we or characteristics of places we want to know
The idea why I got into the blog was to find out the odds I have to go and live in Denmark because my dream is to study there.
I am in the process of Italian citizens to travel freely throughout the European Union, next year I have thought of doing a course in English and be able to go to Denmark to study international relations at a public university in Denmark.
I am very interested in all the country both social characteristics and economic and cultural policies.

I'm Lukas from Switzerland and I'm gonna spend this summer up in Copenhagen as my girlfriend lives there. I'm currently studying but I'm looking for a summer season job for the time I'll be there. So I hope I get some suggestions or help to find work for non danish speaking candidates.
And who knows if I'm gonna move up there after I finished my studies next year...

helloo everyone, m from Pakistan registered nurse here in Pakistan and  applied for green card scheme few days back and hoping for positive hearing from Denmatk embassy ;). if so, i will move to Copenhagen as soon as i'll get approval. it'd be my first time to b out of my contry of origin and m very excited and hopeful for it..

i am a student at Metropol University College, Norreport. My programme runs for three and half years, 2013- 2017.


It takes 2 to 6 months process green card aplications

i have appliedi in sep-2013 but still m waiting for decision !!

Really, what is your profile... r u got any response from embassy or vfs...
why those people taking much time for process. they are said to us process takes 6 to 8 months but...
ok all the best bro...

thx bro !!

I am Spanish. I have recently moved to Copenhagen and I am looking for job opprtunities. I have professional experience in the clinical, business and NGOs sector. My education is related to psychology, humanistic techniques and corporate social responsibility.  I would appreciate if you would let me know about any job vacancy. My phone number is (+45)71723014. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to copenhagen :)

Hi everyone...i will be there in july with all of you! See you soon


I am Welsh and will be moving to Svendborg in September to be with my partner, who is Danish.

Like some of the others on here, I am both very excited and nervous about the move... More so with learning the language which seems impossible at the moment! I work in HR and am planning to look for a job once I have moved.

It seems most people who move to DK go to the Copenhagen area but would be great if there's anyone from the Svendborg area who wants to connect.

You will be fine . Its a always a big move when you swap your life for another country and culture but you will love DK. My God-Son lives in Penarth, so we get to have the best of both worlds....and I think that is the secret.....make sure financially you are able to travel back to your family when you feel the need.....

Holle Am Bertha like to come to Denmark an work as a teacher an teacg only kids i like kids and learn more in Denmark


      I am Shinu Joy,I am from India. I am working as a chef more than ten years.i heard lot of golden opportunity from Denmark about chef jobs. one of my dream also work in this country

Hello everyone,

I'm Katie Doan. I'm from Hochiminh City, Vietnam. I'm waiting for the final approval to move to Copenhagen in the end of July 2014. I'm looking forward to meeting new people in town. I hope to learn a lot from everyone in Denmark. ^_^

Thanks & Best regards,

Katie Doan.^_^.


My name is David and I'm a 24 year old Austrian-French guy who will be moving to Aarhus in August to study a master's degree at the Aarhus University
Looking forward to meeting new people in Denmark and have some fruitful exchanges here on this blog :)

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