New members of the Austria forum, introduce yourself here

Hey everyody :) I am from Tunisia and I'll be in Vienna by the end of November for my internship.

Hey people,

Domen from Slovenia, just graduated from a master's degree in the UK, bt am now living in Vienna for a bit until I find something better to do ;) post university life...
Located in Traiskirchen, few minutes south of the city, and am looking for any english speakers to hang with and get a chance to know,
U can find me on facebook or send me a message,
Tschuss, enjoy your time in Austria everyone!!!!!

Julien :

Hi all,

Newbie on the Austria forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Austria if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi all.
I'm happy to join :one  :heart:

Howdy expats,

i am in Vienna since two years and still barely at the tip of the iceberg of what this country has to offer.

I am a student here and working towards doctorate.


Hi. I'm rohan from srilanka,
nice to hear about you,
hopefully planning to come Austria.
I need to know bit of your self.

I will  be  there  too  by  first  week  of december

Welcome to Linz everyone! :P

my name is aiyappa i am in process of getting PR visa for australia , i would be travelling in month of march . i looking for job in stock broking or commodity broking business. also i looking for accommodation on sharing basis . I request fellow country man to help me  in getting contract job at broking or Banking sector ,,, it would be great help

Hi everyone!

Nice to be on board.  :)

I'm considering to move to Salzburg and i'm gathering info about the city.


Hi !

I'm Azrik from Malaysia. Still got few month to go in Graz. It's a great place to live. Really enjoyed it, but the weather is too cold for me sometime ha ha...

Hi all!!! My name is Vanessa,I come from Italy and I' m a very big lover of nature...above all mountains! This is The reason why I love this beautiful country and I'm seriously thinking to move there in The next months. I would like to know more informations ad possibile before to leave and I hope to speak with lots of you!

Hi Vanessa, thank you for asking. I really don't know much about this country. But while travelling by train across town to town..ya its beautiful. We still can see the green village, the clear water in the rivers, the farmers working in their farm. Most of the time i was in Graz, more precisely in st peter. Ya, this city was well structured. All we moves by the good city transportation provided. Welcome..

Hi everyone!
I'm Michelle from Connecticut, USA and I am now living in the beautiful Vienna, Austria. I share my findings and discoveries of the city in my,

Hope to see you guys around!

I am Anne, French, 27, I just arrived in Vienna (perviously I lived in Brussels) for my new job in a company.

Why Vienna? Well besides the fact that the job was really interesting, I do love mountain sports (hiking, climbing, skiing), and Sachertorte, so I thought, why not :)

Looking forward to meet some of you for a  nice coffee or climbing session!

Hi mam
I m working here in singapore and i m from india. I have a girl friend and she is from phillipine. She is working here as a housepaid. But she has done bsc(nursing) 4.5 year degree and also have 5 year working experience in phillipine. Do u have any job for my gf. Like we both want to move there.
Please could u do something for us.
Its work of blessing.
Thank you.
Sourav kumar.

I am 27 years old guy, lived in Serbia, Hungary and Austria (9 months).
I enjoy living here. People are great, environment is superclean - that's all what I need :).

[at]lee jhon
As I know, many nurses from Philippines are working in Norway.
Maybe you should check

Hello everyone,
I am ja, I am new to this place called vienna, I am from philippines, I am married to Austrian guy,... I am looking for job and I am B.S Hotel and Restaurant Management but I have problem called language barriers I don't know how to speak German, so I am looking for company which using English, or else I am willing to work as a babysitter while I am studying German so I can help also my spouse in financial problem. Thanks..

Hello Everyone,
I am a retired teacher in America but used to teach in Austria.  I would like to connect with Baby Boomers who have expatriated to Austria.  I look forward to hearing from you.


My name is Alex. I am argentinean who recently moved to Vienna. Hope we have the opportunity to go for a chat a maybe a glass of wine


Welcome to Vienna and Austria


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Hey everyone!
I'm an Austrian woman who wants to get in Touch with English speaking People.
Not only to improve this lovely Language, but also to meet interesting People.
I like America, the style, the different countries. Would like to visit it as soon as possible.
And - of course - Americans.
Hope to see you soon.


I am Croatian, in my late 30-ies. I came to Vienna more then a year ago.
I have finished Law, but currently am working in a different field.
Hopefully will make some new friends through this very site.

Bye to all  :)


Hello umer222,

Thank you to introduce yourself ;)


Marjorie kenyan.been here for few weeks. Am looking to meet new friends

I've been in Vienna for 23 years. It hasn't been easy most of the time. I have found that Austrians are generally not easy to befriend. :|   Most of my friends are therefore not Austrian, and many of them are also Migrants. That brings with it the problem that friends keep disappearing off to other places leaving a gap. So I find myself with good friends in UK and Germany and many who I simply lost contact with, but few friends of my own in Vienna (I can't keep sponging off my wife although her friends are lovely!).

I would like to meet British women and do simple things like go to starbucks, go for walks with my dog, maybe find somewhere to eat fish n chips together or go nordic walking or I don't know...I'm open for suggestions. I have many interests so I'm not going to list them all here...just ask.  :)

melray :

I've been in Vienna for 23 years. It hasn't been easy most of the time. I have found that Austrians are generally not easy to befriend. :| )

Might be nice to say where you are from.

I have lived here 6 years and have been welcomed with open arms. I have even bought a house and settled down. So your experience with Austrians is not general.  It's no doubt down to you.

Just saying. ...

I am from UK.
My experience is that most Austrians were happy to spend time with me, but mostly to practice their English or because they found me somehow fascinating because I was foreign. I found it hard to create more than an acquaintance with them. The few Austrians that I have been able to make a real friendship with, were mostly friends of people I was in a relationship when I met them. Almost all of the people I have come across by myself through some activity or group etc and consider friends are also foreigners.
I'm glad you had a different experience. Or maybe you also met your friends through your partner rather than forging relationships from 0?

Hi all,
I have been on this blog for a while but never introduced myself.
I'm from Lebanon, I did my master in germany and then I moved to Feldkirch, Austria 6 months ago for a Job. I like it here, would like to meet new people around the area.
See you!

Hi there,

My name is Barry, a UK citizen who, after many years of working in Kitzbühel, now live in and run my own bar/business in Vienna.

It is based in the 3rd district, in the Löwengasse close to the HundertwasserHaus, and it is called "The Tube Station".

I opened in the middle of May 2014, so am approaching my first year in business there.

It is hard work, naturally, but very exciting & rewarding.   The bar is continuing to develop, with many sports events and theme nights.

Any ex pats will always be made to feel welcome.



Hi all,
My name is Hong. I am 25 yrs old. My major is English and Business Administration. I like to make friends and travel.

Hello The Tube Station,

For your information this thread is for presentation of new members.

Advert in any form is not allow on the forum.
You are kindly requested to register your business in the Austria business directory.

Thank you,

nice to see your profile here. i just got admission in university of vienna i have accommodation problem could you please help me.

shahid jafrani

hi buddy

i m also new here in vienna i just arrived on 1st April i m also looking good friends. so where are you living right now?


shahid jafrani


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