New members of the Austria forum, introduce yourself here

hi i am ram from india i am new to vienna message me for good friendship


I am from Hungary, moved to Vienna 3 weeks ago. I would like to find friends, so I am more than happy to participate events or other activitys. :)


Welcome to Vienna Timi

Regards Simon

Thank you Simon! :)

I am Nick from NY originally but been an expat most of my life. I work in marketing and have my own website [link moderated] to help people new to a city to stay active and meet locals. Other than the quick advert, I am always very willing to meet up for a beer/coffee for a chat.

Nice To meet you nick, I would like to know more about u if u like,

I am Shakul, Living in Vienna for past one year.... Let me know if you need any information...

Hi, I am new here and new in Vienna too. Would be looking for a job but don't speak any German yet so that's first priority at the moment. Would love to meet people to learn or share. There might be easy way to get along in this city but don't know much right now. Looking forward to anything new...

Hi, shakul

I am sushant planning to come to vienna in january for masters, my main concern is to work  part time english speaking job to finance my daily living expenses, kindly suggest the scenario of how much a person can earn  during part time work..

I also have a experience of 4 years in sales & marketing in real estate .

Please suggest me suitable option

Sushant dixit

lagoon471 :

Hi, I am new here and new in Vienna too. Would be looking for a job but don't speak any German yet so that's first priority at the moment. Would love to meet people to learn or share. There might be easy way to get along in this city but don't know much right now. Looking forward to anything new...

Hi Lagoon471,

Welcome to Vienna and Austria

Can Iask you where do you come from? There are lots of groups that meet up, and you can talk in your own language and praticee your German, also you get to meet new friends.


Hi Simon, Thanks!
I am an Indian origin from East Midlands, U.K.

Hey All,

Already moved in Wien,done an Intensive German course for 3 weeks and looking for a job. Nice place a lot to do,but German is a must,finding it really hard without friends and feelinga bit  stressed(quite normal for new -comer).
Find the city friendly and charming:))

well great for you, I could never settle in the city myself, I had to get out, but as a non city person you may understand. I see you are from a city so may not. My wife was a head teacher (director) of a bilingual school in Vienna and was glad to retire from the system. If you wish to have some contacts in the V.B.S schools I could contact you with Hemari who knows so many, contact me through aloekatt[at] and then can link via Facebook to Hemarli. Chris

Thank you so much:)

Cant find you on FB,I will appreaciate any contacts provided:)

my name is Rica, living in Graz , Austria. origin from philippines.
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I'm lisa  23 years old..from Seychelles living in Austria vienna..looking for a friend ( girl) can talk to...:)

You can find me on Facebook..  Lissa Böhm.
Please send me a friend request


My name is Richard, 29 years. I'm a hairdresser (some say a good one :-D - in 2011 I've won Polish Championships, so maybe it is true :-D ). From time to time I'm visiting my girlfriend in Wien, and now I'm thinking about moving to Austria to be closer to her. I've just started to learn german, so it is difficult to find regular job without knowing this language, so I'm looking for people interested in my skills - I can come to your house to make some magic ;-) - contact me and You won't regret it.

Dear all

I am more then happy to have found this expat- blog, as i have learned valuable tips for living and working in Austria. I am from Bulgaria still live there and currently working in one resort called Bansko. I am very passionate about Austria and was very impressed from what i saw from my little trip there. Thats where my passion to live and work there started from. The only thing that bothers me is that i barely can make sentence in german. I used to study german  in the college i graduated but with no practice at all after that i can say i am a true beginner. Sometimes i use it at my work place but is something simple like breakfast -dinner time room number also can make simple orders but thats it- no vocabulary and  no  grammar. Despite my none german i decided that i want to try my luck next spring and see if things can happen and how hard is it to live and work there. Like other members here i also wonder is it possible to find a job without german and also is it easier to do this from a website before i go there or it is better to situate there first and then to start searching. I am passionate for the Tyrol region but also not mind to be anywhere in Austria so which are the best places for people without german language. Well i speak english russion macedonian and i will definitely start learning german. and also have experience in the tourist services and graduated this but i know nothing is enough if you dont speak the language. Do i have any chance to "survive" :) and what tips would you recommend me. Also is it hard to find housing and where can  check sample  prices

Hi everyone new in Vienna!

I'm from Hungary, but live here for the past 15 years and work in the teaching and education sector.

I am a qualified and experienced Hungarian and German teacher, as well as a professional translator for Hungarian and German. As a Hungarian and German Language Trainer I have taught in the private sectors and in all kinds of language schools, mainly adults, but I also have experience of teaching children.
I can offer German tutoring and conversation training to B2 level, since I live and teach in Vienna for 15 years and made my Bachelor degree in transcultural communication, as well as a Master degree in translation at the University of Vienna. In addition I have a teaching qualification for German as a Foreign Language from the University of Kassel in Germany, and a didactic training on the renowned Berlitz-method for native speaker language teachers.

The German lessons in One-on-One training are 60 or 90 minutes in length. You can also bring your friend, spouse or collegue and take semi-pirvate lessons - there is enough place for as many as 3 persons.
I teach at home in the city center, just beside of the famous Karmelitermarkt in the 2nd district of Vienna; easy to reach with U2, tram 2, and the bus lines 5A and 5B. Home tutoring at your place or in-company training is also possible by agreement.

Usually I work from home, where I have a vast library of teaching resources such as textbooks, worksheets, dictionaries, teaching materials, flashcards etc., but I also run some in-company courses for Hungarian and German in Vienna and surroundings.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards
Sara … in-vienna/

I am Purity Usiwoma Ozaha, I am new to this forum and also glad I found the expat-blog as a result of my inquisitive nature to read extensively about things I need information about. I have been planning a trip to Austria since early July,I've read quite alot,but the quest to know more and feel safe from here made me sought further and it has brought me here, I hope to meet great minds and constructive thinkers on here ,I am really happy to be part of this blog as I would take my time to under study all that goes on to my benefit.

After 12 years spent in the public and private sector in France,
I've decided to settle down in Austria and work as a teacher

Best regards

David GAY

Hello, my name is Irfan and i would like to come to Austria to live and work. I am a 24 years old and a student of a economy.


I will be moving to Vienna on Thursday (18th) as an au pair in the 22nd district. I'm looking to meet other expats in Vienna just to socialise and get to know the city. I know Vienna fairly well, as I lived there for around 3-4 weeks whilst teaching in Austria. However, Vienna is pretty big so I'm sure there are many places that I missed and it would be great to have someone see it with me. So if you'd like a wee friend to explore with, message me!

Thank you,

Natalie :)

Hey! I live in the 22nd aswell. Hit me up for a drink.

Hello Everyone!!!!

My name is Rick, and I currently live in Dallas,  Texas.  I was a student at Leopold - Franzen Universität and graduated in 2006 as a Diplom-ingenieur der architektur. I had to return to Texas due to family illness, and I have been working in architecture here for the last 7 years. I am married now, and my wife and I would like to live in Austria. 
My years in Innsbruck were some of the best in my life!! I love the culture and traditions there, and the people were some of the most genuine kind hearted folk I have met. I took my wife to Tyrol for our "Flitterwochen", and she loved it there too.
I am sincerely trying to find work in an architecture office in Innsbruck or the Umgebung.  Since I have an Austrian degree, I am eligible for the rot- weiss-rot karte. I just need someone to give me a chance. I can still speak Deutsch, but I am not great at writing it. I am working on that now,  but I am sure it would go easier if I was in the country learning it.
So if anyone has any tips, leads, etc. I would be grateful for the advice. Or if anyone just wants to talk about Austria,  I would love to.
Well that's it for now!!! I am looking forward to getting to know you  all and to explore the blog!!!


thanks ,I am so happy becoming a member of .I am very impressed to Austrian education system.Actually my wife want to come to Austria for studies.I also plan to travel with her but I have so many questions in my mind eg: can I get job easily ?can we have facility to have my child in day care center in university hours? would you help me ?

Hi guyzz... i want to do my further studies from Austria, so is it easy to get a part time Job in English speaking basis??

Hello, all! I'm Cassie. I'm currently a college student in the US. I'm dating an Austrian and we plan on getting married once I'm finished with college. I'll be moving to Austria after we marry, but we're both pretty clueless on what we need to do to make that happen! Any guidance and advice from others who have made this sort of move will be more than welcome!

If you wish to marry in Austria, read this

I hope this might answer some questions.


All my life I have been wanting to live in one of Europe countries. Austria is the answer. It is my choice since it is secluded silent and seldom mention by people.Back in college days i always asked myself what would it be like living in Austria. I know it is nice too. My name is Arnel D. Cotecson I took up BS in Electronics and Communication Eng'g and passed the board exam, worked in the middle east for 3 yrs, but Austria was always on my mind. I want to work there. I can be in a farm, a driver, a dishwasher or any menial job. But I am not closing the door for jobs that requires skills. I have supporting documents to show you. I am skilled in electronics doing stuff like troubleshooting and repair and installation. Can you help me? how?

I am Valentina

I am new in Austria, I am currently learning the language,
Deutsch is not so easy breezy as other languages I have learned,
I would like to work as an English teacher or a Spanish teacher
I am a Master of Arts, my major is international political and economy studies,
For this I had to learned English, French and some German, but not nearly enough to be able to have fluent conversations and I consider that in order to find a job that is coherent with my resume I have to dominate the language first,


Expat seems like an interesting tool for people like me, newbies is this country,

Hi Friends,
I am a recently retired teacher of ESOL in the public high school.  Right after retirement, I took off and traveled to Cuenca Ecuador for a month. I loved it there and would like to try to meet other retired Baby Boomers who have moved to Austria. I lived in Austria many years ago, but would not like to retire there, or at least spend a few months at a time.  Can anyone direct me to a Baby Boomer group of American Expats living in  or around INNSBRUCK.Vienna wouldn't be a bad place to live either.   i would love to her from you.   Brenda

I think most of us are not familiar of baby boomers group.We remain on for one purpose only, how to move to austria?

i came from pakistan on job seeker visa .im a teacher having master in physics.i am looking a job .i can not speak dutch but  i can speak english. i want to do any job other than teaching

Hi All,

My Name is Aschalew from Ethiopa, married, haves 1 son, working as an excavator operator over 5 years, I like travell have plan to go to Europe, I'm looking for opportunities to live abroad.

Best Regards

Aschalew wodinh

Hello everyone,
It's Louisshey...from the Philippines but currently living here in Vienna Austria...I recently join expats blog just to get information and knowledge of the jobs possibilities that suites for me.

Thanks and have a nice day...!!


Hi I'm Pete I currently work in the food distribution business for Bidvest in Australia I have also worked in the wine industry for 20 years covering sales,vineyard,and retail sales.i started my wine career in London and travelled to many wine regions throughout Europe.i want to come to Austria so my partner can be with her son,so that's why I've joined expats. Cheers

Hey! Im a Canadian girl working as a au pair in Linz and Vienna austria for a year and looking for some english speaking friends!

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