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Good morning!
I am considering, with great enthusiasm, moving to Barbados from Toronto,Canada. I have been enjoying this island since I was a little girl, first coming frequently with my parents and then bringing my own children here.
I am the founder of a  farmed animal sanctuary and wellness centre. We rescue farmed animals and enjoy many visits from schoolchildren as we explore topics of empathy and compassion. Naturally, I am vegan..a bit of a challenge here on the island...
I am just exploring possibilities of either beginning with a longterm rental with the view to finding the right charming li'l home for myself and/or purchasing a home off the bat. I know the west coast well, closest to Holetown so I will begin my search here; possibly St. Peter's parish as well...
I would be fibbing if I didn't admit to some anxiety about moving is one thing to stay at a hotel, quite another to live life on one's own.
I have 2 dogs; is the issue of quarantine done with now? That would be a non-starter for me as I would absolutely NOT put my deeply beloved dogs in quarantine!!
I'm on the island now, enjoying the gift that is Barbados!!
Delighted to have found this site!
Any thoughts, suggestions, warnings etc most welcome and appreciated.
I hope  you create a marvelous Monday!

Thanks Julien,

I am a new arrival in Barbados, Bridgetown. I am looking  forward to making friends and understanding and connecting to the culture and people. Any help or response will be appreciated...

Thank you,


Hello Everyone,

My husband and I just moved to barbados, I'm American and he is German. He received a job offer here so we relocated. I'm hoping to start my own business on the island but haven't determined what exactly yet. We love it so far, though we've only been here for a week. Anyone have any recommendations as to how to meet new friends on the island? While we are younger than most expats (27 & 29) here we tend to gravitate towards an older crowd anyways.


Hi all
I've read a lot about Barbados and i believe it's beautiful place to be in island and if anyone would help me to get a visa and work permit I would be most grateful ✌


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